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Stand Your Ground and DIE – WHY?

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This is an update to the postings: 1) Resist AND Die – Why? And 2) Self-Defense Is a Bitch, posted on the Joe Blow Report

The legal right to self defense, the right to defend with lethal force whenever an individual is threatened, or their family, or their country, that is granted to all American citizens has been nearly eviscerated in the American populace’s’ psyche. To try to counter that decadence 36 states enacted various forms of a “Stand Your Ground Law.” Such laws and the individual’s legal right to carry weapons for self-defense, the ability to “stand your ground, threatens the already weak and effeminate, delegitimized police and their masters, the ruling oligarchy represented by their various employers. That conflict was graphically illustrated in the fatal shooting of Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr., a 68-year-old African-American Marine veteran in White Plains, New York. Another situation just like the Fortuna police shooting of Jacob Newmaker. Both killings were racially motivated; one “black trash” and the other, “white trash.”

You can read about Kenneth Chamberlain’s tragedy on Democracy Now here: Killed at Home: White Plains, NY Police Called Out on Medical Alert Shoot Dead Black Veteran, 68

If you don’t think something like this “home invasion” by the police couldn’t happen in Eureka, you’d better think again. Our homes are the one place, even the latest Supreme Court has ruled, that we not only should “feel” safe, but be safe and secure. This fixation on protecting police health and safety at all costs including the general public jeopardizes everyone. It was reported in the March 25, 2012, Times-Standard: Shots fired near G and 11th streets in Eureka Notice this excerpt: ”By that time, the police were there and had set up a perimeter,” he said. “There were three officers with assault rifles checking out the church, and so I cleared out of there.” Are we to believe that the use of “assault rifles” in a residential neighborhood does NOT threaten everyone within range. Is the civilian population in Eureka reduced to being collateral damage now? I always understood the reason the police were issued handguns and shot guns was to PROTECT the general population from the penetrating power of a high-powered “assault rifle.

Here are a couple of links to local blog Humboldt Herald about this issue, one in particular on how the local county Board of Supervisors worked with both the Eureka Police Department’s acting Chief of Police and the Humboldt county Sheriff to collaborate on a quick-fix law to deal with Occupy demonstrators. The comments show the local thinking. Russia? Latin American Banana Republic and Pooping on Liberty.


Gangster Government Rules

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Anyone really wonder why there is a spreading Occupy Movement willing to brave a modern-day Schutzstaffel? 

Had a story on the HWMA – ACRC fiasco, but it got lost among my more important comments and observation. With this latest news emanating from Humboldt Herald this seems like a good time to post something.

Can any member of the Eureka City Council, with a straight face, explain how their decision to contract with a Willit’s garbage company was a greater benefit to the local economy and need for good jobs? The fact is, they can’t. If they try to justify these consequence, as reported in the Wednesday, November 2, 2011, Times-Standard newspaper: ACRC (Arcata Community Recycling Center) to close its doors in January; about 35 employees will lose their jobs – they’re talking out of both sides of their face.

I didn’t even bother to consider the Humboldt Waste Management Authority when reviewing their history in this matter. While doing some further research on this matter I came across this from: LAST GASP: Arcata Community Recycling Center Sues Humboldt Waste Management Authority which also offers some history and strong-arm tactics used. You can take Hank Sim’s inferences for what their worth.


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November 15, 2011 at 8:26 pm

Capital Crimes

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What makes this man guilty for doing exactly what President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have men doing all over the world — Killing innocent people? People they consider to be “‘Untermensch‘ (sub-human) or in opposition” to the governments of America and Israel such as, “those persons of any other cultural, racial, political or religious affiliation deemed” as a “terrorist.”

The AP says: “Former Nazi hit man (Heinrich Boere) convicted over WWII murders

ACHEN, Germany – A German court on Tuesday convicted an 88-year-old of murdering three Dutch civilians as part of a Nazi hit squad during World War II, capping six decades of efforts to bring the former Waffen SS man to justice.Heinrich Boere, number six on the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s list of most-wanted Nazis, was given the maximum sentence of life in prison for the 1944 killings.

Again we find justice tied to a person’s supposed “intent.” Boere testified:

He said he had no choice but to follow orders to carry out the killings.

“As a simple soldier, I learned to carry out orders,” Boere testified in December.

“And I knew that if I didn’t carry out my orders I would be breaking my oath and would be shot myself.”

But the prosecution said:

Judge Nohl noted that there was no evidence Boere ever even tried to question his orders.

He characterized the murders as hit-style slayings, with Boere and his accomplices dressed in civilian clothes and surprising their victims at their homes or places of work late at night or early in the morning.

“The victims had no real chance,” Nohl said.

What “real chance” has any of the hundreds of innocent civilians had killed by rockets and bombs from helicopters and planes? More importantly from unmanned drones, manned by coldblooded killers someplace in Nevada, etc.? Drones are nothing more than a sophisticated gun used just like Boere used, “silent” and lethal.

Is there any evidence that any member of these hit squads questions their orders? Or does the evidence show that they are all enthusiastic and willing participants in the murders they commit? This is a representative comment  regarding lawyers representing GITMO prisoners published here:

“Many of the lawyers who freely took on the task of defending al Qaeda’s killers or advocating on their behalf not only undermined the legal underpinnings for detaining their clients, but also endangered our troops in combat against them abroad. Some call that indefensible; I call it treason.”

Here’s another dealing with military lawyers quoted from “The New McCarthyism”:

But rather than portray the dispute as a conflict over what is and isn’t within constitutional bounds, conservatives argue that anyone who opposed the Bush administration’s policies is a traitor set to undermine America’s safety from within the Justice Department.

“Terrorist sympathizers,” wrote National Review’s Andrew McCarthy in September, “have assumed positions throughout the Obama administration.”

Here are a couple of links: The Gitmo Nine and Liz Cheney’s ‘Al Qaeda Seven’ that should give a fair idea of the hypocrisy.

This is the misleading statement you read in the newspaper where I live. The Report has written extensively on this matter in the Joe Blow Report

Man shot by Eureka Police dies

John Driscoll/The Times-Standard
Posted: 03/19/2010 01:32:42 AM PDT

A Eureka Police officer shot a reportedly armed man in an alley off Summer Street at around 11 a.m. Thursday after a resident wrestled the man to the ground.

First, this statement by John Driscoll is extremely misleading and absolutely not substantiated in anything reported by the “resident” to him or Chief of Police, Garr Nielsen, in the Times-Standard or TV news to what actually happened at the time of the killing. The had absolutely no idea who the “resident” was or who or what the victim was. All they knew is that TWO men were on the ground struggling over a gun. So, what about that man told them who the “aggressor” was?

The officer’s that shot this man did not know before confronting him that he was armed, or that he was the actual owner of the gun. All they knew was two men were fighting on the ground. When he refused to release the gun as reportedly ordered, they, the two officers, summarily executed him, “‘The officer took his gun, put it at the base of Sequoia’s head, and fired a round into Sequoia’s head,’ he said, adding that the second shot ended the struggle and likely killed Sequoia instantly.”

Notice the attitude as reported in the paper on Tuesday, March 23, 2010, that had absolutely NO relevance at the time of the shooting demonstrating a negative bias toward them dead man: 

Nielsen said Friday that the shots-fired call was made after Sequoia fired two shots at an acquaintance from whom Sequoia had allegedly stolen more than $1,500.

On Saturday, Nielsen reiterated his belief that his officers acted appropriately in the face of a grave threat.

At a press conference Thursday, Nielsen said that an armed man, later identified as Sequoia, pointed a gun at the officers and refused to drop the weapon.

This same reasoning and biased insinuations are backed up over on the popular blog Humboldt Herald: “Slain suspect acquitted of murder in 2008”. Read the comments on that posting and it will make the hair stand up on your head when you realize the attitudes that similarly allowed for Nazi hit-squads to operate in the open daylight.

If this guy was guilty of the crimes as charged in 1944 then so is everyone else that commits the same crimes today.


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