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Nothing Is Ever As It Seems

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Nothing Is Ever As It Seems

If you think it is, then think again after you read this article by Gary North, Tricked on the Fourth of July.”

Why the Revolution from England? Certainly NOT for capitalistic profiteering.

Everything Is About Something Different.



Written by Joe Blow

July 4, 2011 at 8:37 pm

What Value Words Of Truth?

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Joe Blow says:

“America’s legitimate right to stand or exist as nation co-equal to all other nation’s on the earth including its patriarchal adversary, England and its aristocratic ruling monarchy, was founded on the legal premise expounded in the Declaration of Independence. These men, the architects of this long lost Republic, argued their right to overthrow the rule of a despotic parent that refused to recognise their offspring’s right to legitimate existence did so by invoking God’s recognition. Hence, these words: . . .”

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