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Hope and Green Tea

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Put hope in one hand and green tea in the other and what do you get? GREEN TEA!

Some say Green Tea is good for medicinal purposes; what ails you. Millions of people believe the same is true for Barack Obama. He’s just the medicine this country needs to bring back America. That’s the hope, anyway.

Joe remembers the same growing hysteria 40 years ago about a guy named Robert Kennedy. I was 25 years old, just married, all enamored with life, wife and logging. I remember my father-in-law, a decorated combat World War Two veteran telling me that for the first time since Dwight Eisenhower he planned to vote. Well, he didn’t vote and we got 40 years of — business as usual.

What happened to all of those young people with all that hope in the ensuing forty years? Did we learn anything? Did we learn that Green Tea is good for that ailment we call “hope” and that “hope” is primarily a disease of the young?

So, what’s the lesson here? Joe seems to think that the lesson is, we can either take direct responsibility for the betterment of ourselves or pass it off to someone else. Who do you trust? Yourself? Or, some political preacher? Perhaps a compromised and angry old man? Fancy words of “hope” spoken in a religious fervor or the rhetorical words of a “new direction” spoken in a statesman-like monotone are hardly a substitute for the truth and direct action.

If ever there was evidence of a failed system it is in the pathetic choice offered American’s as the way for them to express their sovereign will. For me, Joe says, I’ll stick to Green Tea.

Written by Joe Blow

June 9, 2008 at 5:31 pm

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