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Incremental Riparian Outsourcing

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 It’s all about your water and your rights that leaves you ‘high and dry’.

That’s what happens when the State takes away your water rights little by little. First, you have to report whatever access you have to water running through or next to your property. Then you have to get a permit to use that water. Next you have to report how much of that water you use. After that you will be charged according to specified rates on that amount. You can be sure that every step of the way there will be some sort of fee, or cost associated.

You can be sure they will have some Mickey Mouse reason for why they need to control all the free running water. Just like they have to justify taking away every other right we used to have. It seems you can’t do anything to or with your property without some sort of costly, time-consuming permit.

More than that, it seems there is a list of agencies with reasons for coming on your property to see what own, are doing and what you are using. All that is needed if you object is for someone to anonymously allege something and you are confronted with a whole squad of paramilitary police tramping and thrashing through your home and property.

You know you’re in trouble when they go after your water.



Written by Joe Blow

May 26, 2010 at 11:27 pm

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