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Marijuana Ballot Initiatives Unintended Consequences

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[UPDATE on Eureka council set to consider medical marijuana ordinance – Tuesday, July 20, 2010]

Do Marijuana Ballot Initiatives Help Democrats Win?

Interesting article in the Atlantic by Senior Editor Joshua Greene. He writes about how putting something on the ballot that actually means something to a certain segment of society moves that group, in this case younger people, under 35, to participate — vote.

Are there benefits for the Democrats, Republicans or or does any of this just plain help the people to have a say?


Lord Love a Republican

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[UPDATE Below] [UPDATE I :: We Can’t Afford War] [UPDATE II]

War on the Little People

When you’ve lost you job because of the Banks, Wall Street, Obama economy fix and you can’t collect any unemployment benefits and end up homeless and hungry look to your friends, relatives and neighbors that are Republican.

Senate Republicans Block Unemployment Benefits Bill

Senate Republicans have blocked another effort to extend unemployment benefits to millions of jobless workers. Emergency jobless benefits, which provide up to ninety-nine weeks of income support, expired June 2. More than 1.2 million people have already had their checks cut off, but that total is expected soon to rise to two million people.

This is from FireDogLake:

Republicans block unemployment bill

Associated Press:

Stymied by GOP, Democrats at loss on jobs agenda

These Republicans can spend trillions of borrowed dollars on made-up wars, but can’t do anything for the Americans forced to pay for their crass beliefs and looting. [Source]

[UPDATE :: Friday, June 25, 2010]

War on the little people started when? In the process of finding this picture I came across this blog article on Big Dan’s Big Blog posted March 2, 2010, that I think is still appropriate today.

[UPDATE II :: Tuesday, July 20, 2010]

FINALLY!  Senate Democrats set to leap hurdle on extending jobless benefits
Democrats are expected to overcome Republican opposition to the package of new aid for unemployed Americans.


Leash Law! –Huh?

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What good are leash laws when they’re not enforced. What’s that dog doing running loose in the public park anyway?

“He’s a regular there,” Graunitz said . . .

If Jason Graunitz, an employee with the city Parks and Recreation Department, was doing his job the first thing he’d do is call the police to get the dog under control. This is why the leash law isn’t worth it’s weight in dog crap.

Graunitz says, ”It’s just a matter of time before it happens to a kid on the playground.” “All I could think of was my kid getting attacked by that dog.” This is just MORE dog crap!

Just listen to this guy, “Absent finding the animal, Graunitz said, he’ll have to undergo a rabies vaccination, which would be uncomfortable and paid for by the taxpayers.” I hear the shots are more than just “uncomfortable.” Maybe he’ll do more than try to justify letting a “fully grown pit bull” run loose in a public park.

Besides, what’s the difference between that teenager letting his dog bite someone (he established “eye contact”) or that teenager walking up behind Graunitz and whacking him with a stick with nails in it? You think this guy learned anything about dogs and kids?

Here’s the newspaper account:

City employee attacked by pit bull

The Times-Standard
Posted: 11/18/2009 01:15:16 AM PST

[Picture source]


Represent Who? What?

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TS091909-1_309x239This was the picture that greeted me Saturday, September 19, 2009.

“Eureka water, sewer rates set to rise,” NO THANKS TO THE EUREKA CITY COUNCIL!

The City Council examined an analysis of next year’s water and wastewater rate increases Thursday night, with council members weighing in on the change. The analysis estimated that customers would see a 53 percent increase in water rates over the next five years. For next year’s combined water and wastewater rates, the city expects an increase of $8.22 for residential customers and more substantial increases for some commercial customers.

Who do these people represent? The people who voted them into office? First it was mandatory garbage collection, then its mandatory recycling and now mandatory higher water and sewer rates. President Obama wants mandatory health insurance imposed on everyone too. We certainly can’t have some slacker refusing to pay his or her fair share.

This “peachy” cop-out by the new guy, Frank Jager says it all, “It’s going to be a hard pill for everybody to swallow — it’s not something I want to force on people but we don’t have a choice,” he said. “The sewer systems are falling apart, the water system needs to be addressed.”

NO CHOICE? If what he says is true, then someone was either awfully incompetent, negligent or he’s full of bull. There is always a choice – the easy choice, loot the people you’re supposed to represent, then blame them.

If you need a good example of why Joe Blow blames the voters for these people’s self-serving actions, drop by the Humboldt Herald Blog and read some of the comments about another waste of time demonstrated before this self-same City Council, voicing your worthless opinions: Mandatory garbage vs. the Tri City Weekly.

Maybe these “representatives” would be better advised to spend their time formulating some inventive solutions rather than wasting their time trying to “educate” us dumb people with all the deep pockets. Maybe it’s time to re-educate these bought and paid for representatives with a few home-grown solutions since “representative” government certainly doesn’t work when they think and act like these people think and act.

When you find someone that can truly represent the people rather than themselves and their worthless opinions and belief systems, let me know. Will you?


Little Miss Piggy Flu

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miss-piggy-burkaNow it’s SHOCK AND AWE HEALTH!

Only this time it’s Little Miss Piggy that’s running the show. To show some perspective, we’ve offered the following article by Dr. Joseph Mercola:

Critical Alert: The Swine Flu Pandemic – Fact or Fiction?

He offers some common sense suggestions in the latter part of his article on  “How to Protect Yourself Without Dangerous Drugs and Vaccination.” He also offers:

The number of fatalities, and suspected and confirmed cases across the world change depending on the source, so your best bet — if you want the latest numbers — is to use Google Maps” Swine Flu Tracker.

Be sure to read the complete article.

UPDATE :: Local Stuff

Humboldt Health Alert (HHA)
County of Humboldt ~ Department of Health and Human Services
Public Health Branch ~ Emergency Preparedness and Response
Info on Swine Flu

UPDATE :: Saturday,May 2, 2009

Swine Flu Update
Dr. Mercola: “It has been a few days since we sent out our Critical Alert, please read the updates including the latest stats and an incredible video from Real that explores how factory farming has contributed to the epidemic.”


‘You Must Hate Your Neighbor As Yourself’

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cagle-piggyHate your neighbor? Only if they’re Republicans.

I just found out that my home, conservatively speaking, depreciated 16.4 percent and the Republican’s are responsible. That’s a lot of money flat gone in one year!

Not only that but the dirty b******’s are fighting the stimulus package that’s preconditioned on more political smoke-blowing double-talk rather than enforce the law. Talk about a pack of mongrel dogs!

Report: $9.7 Trillion Government Tab in Financial Crisis
Bloomberg News estimates the economic stimulus package would raise the government tab in addressing the financial crisis to $9.7 trillion. In addition to the Wall Street bailout and the current stimulus plan, the US government is believed to have lent or spent more than $8 trillion through the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The $9.7 trillion figure would nearly be enough to pay off every mortgage in the nation.

This is what we can look forward to according to this economist and professor of public affairs at the University of Texas:

JAMES GALBRAITH: The stimulus package is a very good bill, and it should pass. It will not, by itself, deal with the economic crisis that we’re in. I think we should be very clear about that. Expectations for an early turnaround should not be—you know, should not be very high. A clear—a major problem that we face is that the stimulus package is sized so that it will work only if the revival of credit, which is part of the plan that the Treasury is announcing today, also works. And the problem is that that plan is still, I think, not well designed and is not likely to succeed. I think it actually, in many ways, misconceives the nature of the credit problem that we have, and therefore is very unlikely to succeed at bringing about an early revival of credit markets, of housing markets, of consumer credit markets, automobile loans, and the rest. Now, we could talk about that, but I think it’s very important to understand that this spending package is really geared to the success of this other piece, and this other piece is much more problematic than the spending package is.

What should happen today, BUT probably won’t:

JAMES GALBRAITH: Well, the crucial question is, on what terms does the Treasury plan to guarantee or to repurchase or to otherwise deal with the bad assets that the banks have? These assets are mortgage-backed securities. They are securities derived from subprime loans that were made in an atmosphere of regulatory laxness and complicity and fraud, basically, during the Bush administration, which came to take over the system of housing finance and to infect it with assets which nobody trusts, which nobody can value. And nobody really knows what’s in the files, what’s on the loan tapes of those—that underlie those securities. So the question that I think we need to ask is, before we issue a public guarantee, does the Treasury of the United States plan to conduct a meticulous audit of the assets that underlie the securities that they’re expecting to take off the banks’ books, so that we, the taxpayer, can have an idea of what, if anything, these securities are worth?

And the problem is that when you—the little bit of checking that has been done appears to reveal that a very large fraction of these securities contain, on the face of it, misrepresentation or fraud in the files. And so, we are looking at an asset which nobody, no outside investor doing due diligence on behalf of a client for whom they have some responsibility, would touch. And that is the issue. That’s the problem.

If that is indeed the case, then I think it’s fair to conclude that the large banks, which the Treasury is trying very hard to protect, cannot in fact be protected, that they are in fact insolvent, and that the proper approach for dealing with them is for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to move in and take the steps that the FDIC normally takes when dealing with insolvent banks.

And the sooner that you get to that and the sooner that you take these steps, which every administration, including the Bush administration, actually took in certain cases—replacing the management, making the risk capital take the first loss, reorganizing the institution, guaranteeing the deposits so that there isn’t a run, reopening the bank under new management so that it can begin to function again as it should have all along as a normal bank—the sooner you get to that, the more quickly you’ll work through the crisis.

The more you delay and the more you try to essentially prop up an institution whose books have already been poisoned, in effect, by this—the practices of the past few years, the longer it will take before the credit markets begin to function again. And as I said before, the functioning of the credit markets is absolutely essential to the success of the larger package, of the stimulus package and everything else, in beginning to revive the economy.

Maybe I can’t do anything about President Obama’s gutless inability to holdhate01 George Bush, his people, and the banks accountable for their crimes, but I certainly can those that I know were responsible for installing and supporting that rogue regime for the past decade. I can show them how the Second Commandment works.

New Class of Ruling Elite To Hate

Not much hope in this “no-plan”:

MICHAEL HUDSON: (Obama recover plan is no good.) Because it’s not leading to recovery at all. It’s now up to $12 trillion. It’s a giveaway to the banks, to the creditors, without a single penny for actual debt reduction. And I had thought that at least half a percentage point, $50 billion, was going to be to write down troubled mortgage debtors, but it turns out that not a penny of mortgage debt is going to be written down. When the banks have lent more money than a mortgage owes, with 38 percent, the government is going to create its own debt to come in and make up the difference, so the debt is going to continue to grow exponentially, and it’s way beyond the ability of the economy to pay. If people have to pay the amount of debt that they have now, there won’t be any money to buy goods and services, companies will not sell as much, they’ll invest less, they’ll hire less, and they’ll continue to downsize.

And what’s happened is that this is the greatest transfer of wealth really in American history. It’s doubled the American debt. The closest parallel I can think of is William the Conqueror’s conquest of England. He came with a military band, conquered the land and imposed taxes over the whole land, basing it all on the Domesday Book, what—the rent could be squeezed out. In this case, the rip-off has been non-military. The bankers have done insider dealing to get the government to give them or guarantee them $12 trillion of bad loans they’ve made, many of them fraudulent.

And then they’re trying to blame the poor for all this, as if the poor are somehow exploiting the rich by taking out more loans than they can pay. Yesterday, Senator McCain said—he warned that all of this debt was going to be paid by the future generation, and we’re exploiting them. But that’s not how to think of it at all. When you have a debt that goes to a future generation, you have taxpayers paying to bondholders, just like in the nineteenth century you had the western states paying to the eastern states. So what you’ve done is given $12 trillion to the richest one percent—or ten percent of the population, and you’ve indebted the economy and the government to them for the next hundred years. You’ve created a new class of ruling families. –Updated February 13, 2009


“Out of the mouth of babes”

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Be sure that even if you are a “NON-JUDGING ADULT” that you read the following commentary from this young woman. It will make you proud! 

Perhaps, all of you “non-judging adults” should ask yourselves, is this the first shot across your “boat’s” bow? Little baby steps on the way to the truth. Then look out!

Regarding those “judging adults,” of which are the majority, I’ve observed in my lifetime that everyone of them I had the misfortune to encounter were incapable of evaluating anything let alone themselves. They clearly saw the truth because they were deliberate and malitious in everything they did.

Adults should think before passing judgment

Alana McConnell/For the Times-Standard

Before I begin this, I would like to write that I know that not all adults are harsh or bad, and I have a lot of respect for most adults I know personally. If you are a non-judging adult, then please dismiss the following, somewhat harsh letter. To those of you to whom this letter applies, maybe you don’t know who you are, but please evaluate yourself so that maybe you can see the truth of what you’re doing.

Every time I open up a newspaper, or flip on the TV or computer, I find at least one thing to make me outraged at how teenagers are judged. Being a 17-year-old girl, I ask all of you adults the question, “Who are you to judge?”

At one time, yes, you were our age, but you did not have to grow up in the corrupt society today. Many adults complain about us. Many adults talk about how we need educating, how we need to be taught about sex and the weary ways of the world. Guess what? We aren’t dumb, we know about sex, STDs, and the chances of becoming pregnant, and it’s still happening.

The very idea that many of you think reading from a book in our prison-like school establishments will take the place of learning from experience shows ignorance.

You complain about us and our wasteful lifestyles, yet you obviously have no idea what worries we have to deal with today. We teenagers did not allow war, we did not pollute and build factories, we did not develop a sexist society, we did not ruin the educational system, we did not allow the government to gain such control over its citizens. We did not elect Clinton, or Bush, we did not create an economic crisis.

You as adults feel you have the right to judge us, but when you were young you did not have to worry about whether there would be clean water when you grow up and want to raise children. You did not worry about ecosystems being destroyed, and species dying off at alarmingly fast rates. You did not have to worry about the possibility of living on the streets because of a looming depression and failing job market. You did not have to worry about the after-effects of a war that doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon, as people in the government push the date to bring troops home farther into the future.

Since you do not know what it’s like to be a teenager today, remember this for our sake; an old Indian proverb says, “The Earth does not belong to us so that we may give it to our children, rather, the Earth belongs to our children, and we are merely borrowing it from them.”

Just vote “NO” on “8” – Really?

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For the past eight (28) years we’ve watched this country and it’s negative impact upon the world as the American people enforce their Imperial Dynasty. Most recently enforcing their religious righteousness through their so-called right to self-defense by preemptive war based upon lies and false accusations against peoples and their countries sovereign right to exist equal to all other countries. We watch as the One World Government insidiously takes control of the Banking and Monetary Systems and silently develops its tenacious military hold on the world.  We watch the flawed meaningless selection of government leaders from City Counsel to US President.  We watch the Republicans well enabled by the gutless Democrats bleed the poor and the middle-class American by the millions as they create a new homeless class, starve the world as they violate the sovereignty of other countries at will threatening the world with nuclear annihilation should anyone object.  Across this nation the Republicans assault the voter and his or her right to vote and to vote for a meaningful representative.  They, the preachers Obama and Palin spout worthless words of born-again hope and pie in the sky crap everyone buys into on the one side and old white men preach the need to kiss the Jew to survive through their constant diatribe of hate and fear mongering on the the other side. While all the time the masses of people in this country votes with their feet and their money daily with its enforced anarchy and chaos as it slides further and further into the pits of debt and corruption.

But, HEY! God’s in control, right? If He isn’t, then it’s the other guy’s fault. Our mandate is to spread American style “Freedom” to the World even when they don’t want it. Believe me, that freedom starts right here at home. So, don’t impose upon me your stupid laws that just might put a crimp in my freedoms. Thats all our elected representatives do, make more and more stupid laws. So many laws you can’t breath anymore without breaking one of their do-gooder laws. I’m talking about the kind of do-gooder law that raises our taxes like the recent imposition called mandated recycling for all Eureka property owners. No freedom here, just pay. So, what happens when someone can’t pay. The city going to come in and take their home for nonpayment?

What’s any of this got to do with Proposition 8. Joe doesn’t talk about political stuff, you know. Well, one of his semi-daily excursions into the blogger world includes checking to see what the latest pictures are at the Blackbelt. This time he was introduced to this aberration she wrote on October 28: “Whether you’re for or against 8, Just say No to H8.” Joe had to find out if she was for or against; shows you how much Joe cares. He cares about the issue, but could care less about the political solution people are trying to conjure up. Anyway he read what she said and all 16 comments. You’ll notice most everyone is a bit confused about the whole issue of good law versus bad law by what she said and they wrote. Our “Redhead” defines bad law when everyone breaks that law. The people spoke, the 55 MPH was a joke. It did one thing positive, though. It made most drivers callused lawbreakers. Of course, this is the real definition of anarchy. But, what can any of us do? Right now, everyone has an opportunity to vote in someone different than the lawless and corrupt Democrats and Republicans. They won’t because while they want to enforce anarchy, they want to blame someone else for what they are.

According to these folks in Southern Humboldt imposing a stop sign to interfere with our driving freedoms was a bad law too. That’s what better than 50% of the drivers that pass by daily where I live tell me and everyone else. What makes their “in your face” assault even worse is that one regulated street with the through traffic from the right is a seriously blind corner where you are forced to drive into the intersection to see if its safe and at certain times during the day the streets and intersection is full of school children. Most of these drivers don’t even slow down, let alone stop. Park sometime near an intersection with a four-way stop and watch the zoo. Joe wonders when the last time a Eureka City police officer or one of the CA Highway Patrol actually cited someone for failure to stop at a stop sign. When the country decided that the punishment did not fit the crime the US Constitution became worthless words of old antiquated, impractical law. Democratic Anarchy neutralized legitimacy and we were blessed with eight years of pseudo government. Tell me one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole barrel.

So, to all you Republicans proudly displaying your McCain/Palin bumper stickers running these stop signs, speeding and generally threatening everyone and everything precious, Joe knows who you are. You Democrat neighbors with your Obama/Biden signs in your yards, he knows who you are too. When you deliberately run a stop sign, assault another innocent, and cause injury or death you do so deliberately, with premeditated malice. What you do is NO accident.

So, Miss Redhead, you might want to ask yourself, do I have the moral and ethical right, in all God-given conscience to judge law and impose that judgment by voting “NO”? Answer that question and you might just find you have a lot more in common with Joe Blow than you know.


Real Change Starts at Home

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It’s real interesting what you can learn about people by just watching how they drive. Joe had an opportunity to follow Ms. Rodoni, completely by accident of course. He was so struck by how this woman drove that when he pulled up alongside her at a stoplight he just had to look and see who the hell that sorry S.O.B was. Some surprise, HUH?

Joe says that “elections” are a joke, but if you think they work for you, well — carry on. Barack Obama, a new and up and coming picture of change is refuted by an old, angry picture of the past. That’s what Joe calls a real contradiction in reality.

Of course, if you really think either one of those “smoke-blowers” will bring real, meaningful change then turn around and vote in the same old bought and paid for crowd, Joe says you all get what you deserve. He was struck by two newspaper articles this Saturday, one in the Times-Standard and the other the Editorial in The Eureka Reporter. First, notice the commentary by Jessie Faulkner in the Times-Standard: Whirling dervishes — a tornado of a race. The first half of what he says is about Johanna Rodoni. Clearly, we can all see who the “gold digger” is in that family. Yet, The Eureka Reporter says: Second District county supervisor, The Reporter Recommends Johanna Rodoni. The good ol’ boy club is alive and still kickin’.

You want real change? Then start by throwing ALL the bums out.

ADDENDUM :: Thursday, October 23, 2008

It’s called a “peaceful revolution.” You vote in all new people. You vote out both Democrats and Republicans and start over. Otherwise, you’ve got no bitch when empty words produce the same ol’ broken system. Dave Berman’s Blog “We Do Not Consent” deals with his somewhat lame reasons for and how to promote a peaceful revolution. He hasn’t quite yet come to terms with the fact a rotten tree, or a corrupt system of government, produces only rotten fruit.

So much for Joe and his politics

Written by Joe Blow

October 18, 2008 at 10:57 pm

Bicycle Safety?

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Taking Your Life In Your Hands   


Taking Your Life In Your Hands

For bike riders is a joke!

When I picked up my Sunday, August 31, 2008, Times-Standard and read on the the front page, “The big guy isn’t very shy” “50th annual Bigfoot Days is a bit hairy.” And right next this, picture with the caption: “Call for change” “Local man’s death further spurs effort to keep bicyclists safe” I had to ask myself if someone wasn’t try to make a joke – a real bad joke.

If you haven’t noticed, it’s just a bit HAIRY on these streets and highways. For one thing, most drivers are absolutely clueless, not to mention blind and deaf! These are the drivers that don’t know what their doing, but they sure are doing it. The majority are just plain lawless anarchists.

I can’t tell you how many letters to the Editors of the local newspapers I’ve read where people were complaining about how discourteous drivers are that do not use their turn signals. California law stipulates the use of turn signals. When was the last time you heard of anyone ever getting a ticket for NOT using their turn signal? How about stopping at stop signs? Where I live there are stop signs at the intersection. At least 40% blow right through them. One part of the intersection is totally blind and during mornings and afternoons there are school children walking to school. It doesn’t slow anyone down. Keeps the kids on their toes if they don’t want to get run over. Some benefit, I suppose . . .

. . . and for another thing, headlights will hardy help that bike rider. Have you had the occasion to drive that section of highway and observe how many cars DO NOT TURN ON THEIR HEADLIGHTS?  Do you think the reason is because the do not know how to read, or that their car does not have head lights or just maybe, their hand is impaired and they cannot reach the lights switch? Or how about how it feels to be a bike rider when you’ve had the opportunity to try to get out of the way when 30 to 40 percent of the people are doing from 50 to 60 mph whizzing past you like you’re some kind of a jerk holding them up. Had anyone pass you on the right-hand shoulder yet?

I’ve enclosed other commentary printed in the newspapers about this tragedy. If you take the time to read or if you already read what these people say, you have to conclude their solutions are a fantasy. The simple truth is, you cannot reason with an idiot!

Safety on the road applies to motorists and bicyclists alike 

Share the road

Let’s save some lives

Maybe I missed something, but I never did see what happened to the person that killed that poor bike rider. Murder is probably a better word than killed.

Joe concludes, if bike riders truly want to be safe on these streets and highways, Joe suggests the sell their bikes and buy a tank. 

ADDENDUM: September 9, 2008 – Times-Standard

No protection for bicyclists on highways

Letter to the Editor – Article Launched: 09/09/2008 01:17:06 AM PDT

California is still one state as far as I know. Why then has the state Legislature divided the state into two areas? Only in Northern California do motorists have to keep from hitting bikes being operated on state highways. Pedestrians are not permitted on freeways at all. In many areas there are no shoulders. There are no shoulders on the Mad River bridges on Highway 101. A motorist really looks forward to having a bicyclist on the bridge when crossing it. Then you have bicyclists towing small children or their belongings behind the bike on a trailer. The speed limit on most state highways is 65 mph. The average vehicle weighs approximately 3,500 to 4,000 pounds; then you have large trucks that weigh up to 80,000 pounds loaded. You have vehicles that come together in traffic and go out of control. Vehicles blow tires and loose control. Large trucks have recap tires that come apart and fly through the air. Drunk drivers on the state routes. The motoring public pays a lot of taxes for using the highways.

There is no way a bicyclist is going to be safe on a state highway. Tax them and build bike routes that are off the highway. Then they will be safe. Thank you state Legislatures for creating this situation. What you will not do to get votes. I was a CHP officer and I will never forget the first automobile bike accident I was sent to. The bicyclist died a horrible death. A bicyclist has no protection.

Robert Markin – McKinleyville

ADDENDUM September 12, 2008 – Times Standard

Sharing the road

Letters to the editor – Article Launched: 09/12/2008 01:17:24 AM PDT

Mr. Larkins letter, as a former CHP officer, he should know that the state law is clear: Cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities on the road. The law also states that cyclists are allowed on limited access highways when there is no alternative, which means almost all of 101 in this county. The DMV Driver’s Handbook, available online, explains this, and also offers specific advice on how to safely pass cyclists. A separate bike path along 101 might be nice, but it is not there. Taxing cyclists? An interesting topic, but irrelevant to questions of right of way. A large truck pays more road taxes than a subcompact car, but does not have the right of way at a red light when the car has a green light. There are many good reasons for cycling, please remember the laws (yes, that also means you cyclists) and safely share the public roads.

Howard Selman – Eureka

What’s missing here? Common sense? Maybe.

There is such a thing as the “Law of Physics.” ByCyclists may think they have the same rights, but reality teaches us differently. That what Mr. Markin clearly points out. At least he did to Joe.

Anyone that drives these streets and byways should know by now that those people that think they are protected by rights and laws are simply fools deluding themselves. Joe traverses the so-called “safety corridor” daily. While the majority of the traffic runs 50-53 mph there are those that run 58 to 60. At least that’s what the radar says! Those people assault all law abiding drivers with deadly weapons. Then there is the guy Joe observed at the intersection of 5 th and V streets. There are three lanes Northbound with V street merging. At the time this guy passed Joe on the right side doing at least 50 to 60 mph, at the last moment merged left two lanes and went over the overpass without braking once. Anyone trying to merge from V street was a sitting duck. Sitting at the Jacobs Street exit was a clueless Eureka City Police officer. That thug got ahead of a few cars, managed to keep from killing anyone, and no doubt thinks nothing of it as Joe observes that kind of maneuver daily. You can’t tell me that the Highway Patrol and the Eureka City Police are not aware of the failure to engineer safety into that portion of the highway. I can’t imagine what kind of a nightmare it must be for bike riders trying to get through that intersection.


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