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Fred’s Little Piece of Paradise

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082814_Paradise-RedwoodsWhen I read Fred’s latest – Fred and Marcy Sittin’ In a Tree… – and I thought about why I commented on his previous article (Why Repair Brick Chimneys?), it occurred to me why we are where we are in our Democracy. It would be nice to live in a utopian world, especially here on the North Coast. Good, decent, efficient, uncorrupt elected government representatives, just courts, police that protect and serve EVERYONE, an unpolluted bay and rivers, no homeless, no drugs and no bad effects of the decades-long criminal marijuana business. But, then that might be too boring for Paradise.

Thinking about how it is today in Eureka – Humboldt County actually – reminded me of how it was for my parents right after the war. My father was logging in Southern Humboldt, decided to buy a 40 acre piece of land that bordered a county road and build a home. So, he opened up a road to a place with a great view and began. No issues with connecting to the county road. Not long afterwards a PG&E truck pulled up, the driver wanted to know if my father wanted them to run a line to the house, a house he hadn’t even started building yet. Wouldn’t cost him a dime, all he had to do was set a pole for a meter box. Over a period of time my father, with some family and friends help built a beautiful home. He installed his own sewer system, water system and built a two car garage. Not one time that I can remember was he ever hassled by a county building inspector. He paid taxes on the home and property, so they must of signed off on the home at sometime. I don’t remember periodic inspections either. I know he often talked about making sure everything met building codes. Today that would be unthinkable. When I read Fred’s naivete I know why. The Planning Commission has become and institution unto itself.

The problem is that the more laws everyone is subject, not to mention the self-imposed laws the police subject everyone to, the more lawless everyone becomes. Then there are the so-called “good citizens,” like Fred setting standards for everyone with their brilliant opinions. They got their noses in everyone’s business. If they can’t tell you what to do they’ll tell you how to think and what to believe. No one ever grows up. And, so goes Paradise.

In my lifetime, paradise was for my mother’s and father’s generation. Growing up in those years, I can tell you, and you too Fred, IT WAS NOT BORING!


Words from Dylan Ratigan

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020614_DRatigant-500x358Words from Dylan Ratigan that speak for themselves:

DR Facebook: The issue I have with modern political culture is no matter how righteous the cause or just the mission, all roads lead to a toxic swamp which swallows creativity, possibility, and the very souls of the people we need to lead us into the future.
Ann Akard The problem I see is we need a lot more women in power! They appear to be less corruptible!
DR Ms. Akard, I find identity politics, meaning politics based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other “identity” by its very definition to be divisive to communities large and small. If simply selecting the correct identity would solve any community’s problem, it would have been solved already. I believe it is the actual internal state of consciousness of people of all identities that is in need of elevation, collectively, rather than swapping one low-consciousness identity for another. [Emphasis Mine] [Source]

To understand what Dylan  is talking about, an elevated “consciousness identity” you need to read Arthur Silber’s insightful and relevant article: “The Forsaken Self, a Lie and a Fraud” – the difference between children and being an adult. Age is NOT the determining factor.


Written by Joe Blow

February 6, 2014 at 5:38 pm

Take A Look Into The Future

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Yes, take a look into America’s future with Thomas H. Naylor. His interview printed here: Thomas H. Naylor on Leviathan, Secession and Vermont’s Small Nation Dream on is long, but well worth reading and thinking about.

The roots of the Occupy Movement go back a long way.

What he lays out is the ruling Oligarch’s greatest fear as the work assiduously to consolidate their power and control on a society devoid of an sense of practical reality. A society asleep looking for a fight.



A Sad Reminder – MacLeod Cartoon

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Police Violence at Occupy Oakland


Sounds Like Eureka – MacLeod Cartoon

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Human Nature in (Humboldt County, CA) Evansville

Sounds like Humboldt County more than anything. If it isn’t the rank corruption, it’s the doomsayers stopping safety, jobs, business, and investment. You have to look no further than the proposed Caltrans minimal project to widen Highway 101 at Richardson Grove to the latest lawsuit where “Humboldt County” (our Illustrious Supervisors) are forcing the Forster-Gill company to resort to legal action because the “county” refuses to act in a legal manner.  Not to leave the City of Eureka out of the mix, include the latest City Council firing of Police Chief Garr Nielsen.


Looting American Cities

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The following is a segment I watched on Democracy Now this morning. As a home and property owner in Eureka, this situation shook me out of some of my complacency regarding our local county and city representatives activities. The people in the city of Birmingham in Jefferson County Alabama were sued by the EPA for a faulty sewer system and were forced to build a new one at a cost of $250 million. In the end, after the looting, the local taxpayers were left owing 5 billion; that BILLION with a “B.”

And we think the government works for us? What most fail to realize is that these exceptional elitist, Democrats, Republicans, Independents – you name them – with their phony wars, unrestrained banking, Wall Street gluttony and successive bailouts to name only some of the corruption along with successive governments betrayals and complicit behavior and deregulating laws, have destroy this country.


“Looting Main Street”–Matt Taibbi on How the Nation’s Biggest Banks Are Ripping Off American Cities with Predatory Deals


In a new article in Rolling Stone magazine, journalist Matt Taibbi takes an in-depth look at the experience of one small Alabama town and its disastrous dealings with Wall Street. Taibbi writes, “The destruction of Jefferson County reveals the basic battle plan of these modern barbarians, the way that banks like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs have systematically set out to pillage towns and cities from Pittsburgh to Athens.” 

Read the rest of this debacle here. 


“Eureka” Slaughter NOT an Aberration Either

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This is the head line: Iraq slaughter not an aberration by Glenn Greenwald on the video just released yesterday of the “business as usual” murder of innocent people in Iraq by an American helicopter gun crew.

You can see the video in all its gory details here.

Compare that to:

“’The officer took his gun, put it at the base of Sequoia’s head, and fired a round into Sequoia’s head,’ he said, adding that the second shot ended the struggle and likely killed Sequoia instantly.” This is a quote from Eureka Police Chief Garr Nielsen reported in the Times-Standard March 21, 2010.

Business as usual.

What is most disturbing is the commentary of the helicopter gunship crew. And that was what was most disturbing in the account of the police use of deadly force on David Sequoia who just happened to be the innocent victim here too. The police identifying Sequoia in those moments as the aggressor was no “aberration” either. Those officers shot Sequoia like a mongrel dog just like those people in Iraq. The conversation during the encounter compares to the conversation by Chief Garr Nielsen in the calloused manner such deadly force is applied and justified.

The “slaughter,” however, is of more than just subhuman things. It is the complicity of the news media to cover up, to skew and bias the facts. This is a classic example by Thadeus Greenson in his March 21, 2010, newspaper report where he repeats the “official” account of what happened as if it is the god’s-gosple truth: Two officers fired weapons in fatal Eureka shooting; chief says there was no alternative to deadly force.

Two Eureka police officers fired their weapons in the exchange Thursday that left 25-year-old David Sequoia dead Thursday morning, Eureka Police Chief Garr Nielsen said Saturday.

On the face of what Greenson wrote, i.e., “no alternative to deadly force” and “fired their weapons in the exchange” you’d logically think they had a gunfight with Seqouia, and NOT a summary execution.

This Report has spoken extensively on this issue. Here are the links in sequence:

1) Who Really Killed David Sequoia

2) Basic Freedom: No Right To Tough

3) Personal Safety In Eureka Is An Illusion

4) Stacking The Deck

Notice how, since the initial reporting, there’s been no followup? Based upon the local non-reaction – since the general consensus sentiment is that Sequoia was obviously a “scum-bag” and the police did the community a favor, who cares? Who cares whether or not the police officers are back on the streets? Who cares if the DA is looking into Kris Coon’s conduct in this matter? Who cares?

Well, the The Atlantic’s James Fallows offers the following. Ask yourself why this is not the same situation right here in Eureka, California?

I can’t pretend to know the full truth or circumstances of this. But at face value it is the most damaging documentation of abuse since the Abu Ghraib prison-torture photos. As you watch, imagine the reaction in the US if the people on the ground had been Americans and the people on the machine guns had been Iraqi, Russian, Chinese, or any other nationality. As with Abu Ghraib, and again assuming this is what it seems to be, the temptation will be to blame the operations-level people who were, in this case, chuckling as they mowed people down. That’s not where the real responsibility lies.

Now tell me if this is not the same moral justification for everyone’s reprehensible and morally indefensible conduct:

And, of course, imagining what Fallows asks us to imagine — that this was all being done to us, rather than by us — is exactly the exercise which is most steadfastly avoided. Besides, even if it were to be engaged, it would be dismissed as an exercise in “moral relativism.” When we do X, it is right; when others do X to us, it is wrong. That’s the benefit of being so Exceptional.

When the truth becomes the enemy, it’s time to ask yourself, “what makes you think this couldn’t be you?”

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