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Another tragic incident, with a pitiful outcome well short of Justice

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The vehicles involved reportedly looked like this The vehicles involved reportedly looked like this

from Times-Standard:

“Following a DUI accident in February that caused major injuries to Naomi Perras’ 55-year-old mother Sheila Fine and 39-year-old cousin Phillip James Keeney. Jerrica Taylor was sentenced Friday by Humboldt Superior Court Judge Dale Reinholtsen included four years of supervised probation and 365 days in jail, with one of those being suspended. An outcome the daughter of one of the victims said was inadequate.”

We agree. First of all, Taylor will never serve anything close to a year in jail. Supervised probation in this county is a joke.
Violating probation in this county doesn’t hold any real consequences.

“Naomi Perras said her mother feels blessed to be alive because her surgeon told her he had never seen someone live after that many fractures. “My mother broke both her legs, all compound fractures, and has had multiple surgeries,” Perras said. “The last one…

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June 1, 2014 at 9:32 pm

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