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By Mike Flugennock – Saturday – October 22nd, 2011
Please note: This cartoon and accompanying commentary are from Mike Flugennock Political Cartoons. For the rest of the story, continue reading at his website, where you can discuss his cartoons and commentary with him or use the link below.

The consensus over here on the Left is that there is a danger to the Occupy Movement far greater than any amount of pepper spray, mace, tear gas or blunt force trauma that could be dished out by various metropolitan police departments, or any amount of buffoonish insults crapped out by Fox News — and that is the danger of being co-opted by the Democratic Party in the form of its various front groups. On the upside, though, this generation of dissidents seems less likely to fall for Democratic Party snake oil, unlike their older comrades who came out of Seattle/WTO, “A16″, and the early ’00s peace movement.

The Democrats’ co-optation attempts are especially galling in the context of the latest news of the Obama re-election campaign fundraising efforts. They’re continuing the pace set during the ‘08 campaign, when the Democrats first surged ahead of the GOP in the amount of campaign cash coming from Wall Street and the banksters.

Not only that, but it’s right out in the open, butt-assed naked, reported on the front page of this past Thursday’s Washington Post. The real “money shot” comes eight paragraphs deep:

Obama’s ties to Wall Street donors could complicate Democratic plans to paint Republicans as puppets of the financial industry, particularly in light of the Occupy Wall Street protests that have gone global over the past week.

“Could complicate Democratic plans”? No shit, Sherlock.

Of course, this inconvenient truth won’t stop the likes of Michael Moore, the AFL-CIO, MoveOn and the Progressive Democrats Of America from trying to weasel their way in and divert the movement’s energy down the Democratic Electoral Black Hole anyway, because that’s just the way they are — exploitive, manipulative, parasitic, amoral.

When it’s broke, it’s broke, folks.  — Source: Mike Flugennock Cartoons.



Written by Joe Blow

October 23, 2011 at 12:05 am

8 Responses

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  1. Your cartoons are great– but I think the “Infiltrator!” title sets up a divisive “enemy within” mentality, that ultimately benefits (guess who?) the state. It personalizes what should be a political debate, & sets the stage for conducting that debate more on the basis of fear & suspicion than on open discussion of what the movement needs.

    I’ve got a different take on the content, too– I’d give more weight to differences between different Democrats. (For instance, all three NYC Councilmembers who showed up at 6:00 AM at Liberty Plaza in NYC on 10/14, joining a couple of thousand of us in facing down Bloomberg’s announced plan to evict OWS, were elected as Democrats. Jumaane Williams, Tish James, & Melissa Mark-Viverito have all been pretty staunch allies of popular mvts. in NYC.)

    But my main comment here is on the tone. When you disagree with someone in a GA, or online, yelling “Infiltrator” isn’t the way to build the kind of political culture our movement needs. Actual police agents are very skilled at using an atmosphere of mistrust & suspicion to advance their own aims. Put politics & your arguments first as we hash these issue out, check the personal attacks at the door, & we’ll all be stronger when the debate is done.


    October 25, 2011 at 2:35 am

    • Y’know, it’s strange, but NY seems to be the one place where I can find both the smarmiest, most banal and hypocritical bourgie Liberal Democratic politicians in the country and also seriously hardcore supporters of popular movements who just happened to get themselves elected to office as Democrats. It’s like New York is the exception that proves the rule; case in point, the city councilmembers who joined the street fight in Liberty Square. With all respect to those councilmembers… if more like them were to unite and bolt the Democratic Party and run as Greens, Socialists or independents, and renounce the Democrats, we might have a chance to destroy the Democratic Party in order to make room for a real Peoples’ Party.

      As loaded a term as it might be, “infiltration” is exactly what’s going on — a coordinated effort by the Democratic Party and mainstream Liberal groups to heard the breakaway Left back onto the reservation and defuse a potential — and sorely-needed — revolution… just as was done a decade ago with the antiglobalization movements after Seattle and “A16”, and with the peace movement after around 2004 or ’05. As you can read in detail at the blog entry accompanying this cartoon, as the Occupy Movement began to grow, it was quickly targeted by Democratic Party front groups, mouthpieces and apologists such as MoveOn, Michael Moore, and Al Sharpton. The Washington Post article mentions quite plainly the Democratic Party’s intentions to divert the energy of the movement into the Presidential re-election effort, even as Obama raises record amounts of donations from corporations and bankers, and his DHS coordinates the suppression of popular uprisings against the oligarchy happening all across the country.

      Mike Flugennock

      November 16, 2011 at 7:00 pm

      • Thanks for a clear response. (Yesterday at Liberty Park, by the way, NYC Councilmember Ydanis Rodriguez was arrested, got his head bloodied, & was not allowed to talk to his lawyer for 17 hours. Ydanis is a veteran student & community activist who was elected as a Democrat, & I expect he’ll run for re-election that way, too.)

        I’m the guy who wrote the first comment above, let me be clearer about the point I was trying to make: There are plenty of folks showing up at Occupy protests– for instance, who’ll be in the street tomorrow here in NYC– who identify as Democrats. Maybe they even get e-mails from MoveOn. If you’re in NYC tomorrow, you might find yourself standing next to one of them. I don’t think they’re the enemy, or “acting objectively as agents,” and I think activists who treat them that way (of which I’ve met a few) are divisive and make us weaker.

        We’ve got a lot of political disagreements to hash out in this broad, unruly movement. If folks who think the Democratic Party is poison, pure & simple, argue their view in the kind of clear, political way you do above, we’ll do OK. But when rank-and-file activists get treated as “objective infiltrators” or similar, based on a disagreement about politics and no evidence of police involvement– I think that’s bad for our movement. Maybe I’m overthinking one cartoon or reading it too literally– but that’s why seeing an image of a guy yelling “Infiltrator!” at a Democrat standing next to him, made me post a response.


        November 16, 2011 at 7:53 pm

  2. First, it should be noted that this cartoon is by and from Mike Flugennock, his website: here is the link. Sorry for the confusion. I’m quite sure Mr. Flugennock can speak for himself. Second, I posted this cartoon and accompanying comment because it is relevant and factual. What this comment demonstrates, is the reason I do this Report, the inability of most people to recognize reality from perceived beliefs. What you don’t seem to realize is that your attitude and efforts to placate the police grants them permission to do whatever they decide and literally defeats the whole purpose of the movement. I wonder if you know what that purpose is? Regardless, President Barack Obama is what he is proven to be. Accept that fact and move on.

    Trying to build and debate some sort of “political culture” is a total waste of time. Sadly, a fact you’ll soon learn the hard way, just like the Egyptian people are right now learning. They didn’t completely understand their purpose either and failed to prioritize that reality as their primary objective. This worldwide movement still has most of the heavy lifting to do. They thought they got rid of a one-headed monster only to be blessed with a Hydra.

    Joe Blow

    October 26, 2011 at 10:45 pm

  3. do you think anon is actually associated w/the Democratic Party?


    November 8, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    • No idea.

      Joe Blow

      November 8, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    • There’s no way in hell Anonymous is connected to the Democratic Party, I can guarantee you that. That image is simply a metaphor for the absurdly hypocritical and transparent effort by the Democratic Party to pander to the Left and co-opt the Occupy movement, even as the Democrats continue to rake in huge Wall Street donations.

      What they’re doing is pretty much what the symbolic cartoon donkey here is doing; he thinks he’s putting one over on us by slapping on a mask that only covers his eyes, but anybody can plainly see that he’s a total goddamn’ fake, and his weak attempt to fool us into thinking he’s on our side does nothing but annoy us and insult our intelligence.

      Mike Flugennock

      November 16, 2011 at 7:05 pm

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