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Mike Flugennock Cartoon :: 

We Are The 1%

Compliments of Mike Flugennock:

As if the celebrities and Liberal politicians barging in on the Occupy Movement aren’t bad enough, now the movement’s having to contend with Mr. Wall Street Water Boy himself, President Barack Sparkle Pony Obama, claiming support for the protests, although in classic Obama fashion, he waters it down by pleading with them to not “demonize” the banksters and brokers. Yes, the man who pushed the Democrats ahead of the GOP in the Wall Street Campaign Donations Department in 2008, whose Treasury Department maintains a revolving door with Goldman Sachs and who, in this year’s Presidential campaign, has already set a record at shuffling for investment bankers and stock brokerages, has sent a shout-out to Occupy Wall Street. What’s worse is that despite Obama’s obvious, shallow election-cycle pandering to the Left and his ongoing brown-nosing of Wall Street and the bankster scum, the Tea Party crowd still insists on claiming that he sincerely supports the Occupiers — and, of course, that he’s a Marxist.

With that in mind, here’s a little bit of ammo for you to use on those Teabagger nutcakes who try to connect President Sparkle Pony to the Occupy Movement, even though anyone who didn’t ride the short bus to school knows he’s been Wall Street’s boy for years, and is simply trying to pander to the movement and exploit it in classic Democratic Party fashion.

Americans for Campaign Reform: Both parties profit from Wall Street
Sourcewatch: 2008 Obama campaign financing: more donations from investment banks, hedge funds, and Wall Street
Obama Taps Wall Street for Dollars, Washington Post 07.16.07

First it was the small business-minded voters worshiping at the feet of Ronald Reagan thinking that they were going to finally get that elitist position in American Society they believed they owned a right to. Well, that didn’t work out, did it? The there was the Prophet in the Wilderness preaching “HOPE” and “CHANGE,” Barack Obama. He was a half  Black half white guy – had to be a man of “the people.” Turns out he was and is a fraudulent liar and betrayed everyone that voted for him thinking they would finally get that recognition coming to ALL Americans. Well, you can all forget that recognition. The One Percent own it all. The System is way too corrupt to salvage. American-style Democracy is finished.



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