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Here are the closing UPDATED paragraphs from Glenn Greenwald’s Monday, July 11, 2011, article:

Iraq War veteran on Manning, the media and the military

– Same tactics used locally.

In the wake of the Pentagon Papers leak, the Nixon White House engeineered a break-in of the office of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist because depicting him as mentally ill was the strategy of political leaders to discredit him and distract from the substance of his leaks.  Now, political leaders need not do that because they have the exceedingly subservient establishment media to do it for them — hence the front-page publication by The New York Times on the day WikiLeaks released the Iraq War documents of the sleazy hit piece by John Burns depicting Julian Assange as a paranoid, mentally unstable loser, followed by the current media fixation on doing the same to Bradley Manning. The hallmark of political and media establishments is to depict meaningful dissent from its orthodoxies as a form of mental illness, and conversely, acceptance of (or at least acquiescence to) its orthodoxies as a requirement for mental health (even when, as is true now, its orthodoxies are themselves warped and ill).

That tactic is as old as establishments themselves, though it’s now most aggressively enforced by the “watchdog” media.  It’s the media, rather than political leaders, which take the lead in serving most of the interests of the political establishment — not just by depicting opponents of the political order as mentally ill but also uncritically disseminating its fear-mongering campaigns.

One Thing Leads To Another

Like Generations Before…

By mike flugennock  Wednesday – June 29th, 2011

Yeah, uh huh… like in Vietnam. And Nicaragua. And Iraq.

This was my other favorite quote from Obama’s Afghanistan speech, a crass naked appeal to American conceit.

Is this how Obama “looks forward, not back”?

Written by Joe Blow

July 11, 2011 at 6:00 pm

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