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Do ‘Birthers’ Have a Legal Issue?

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Do ‘Birthers’ Have a Legal CONSTITUTIONAL Issue?

Does the U.S. Constitution require BOTH parents to be “natural-born American citizens” for their offspring to become legally eligible or qualified, meet the test of Constitutional law, to legally become President of the United States?

The issue emphasized here in this question, is NOT whether or not Barack Obama was born in the United States. Rather if BOTH of his parents were also born in the United States, thus becoming natural born citizens. – Certainly NOT naturalized citizens.

To become a “natural born citizen” one must have TWO natural-born citizen parents, NOT just ONE as is the case of Barack Obama.

There’s an interesting analysis of this issue raised on this blog, “Obama has declared war on the Constitution.”

Wikipedia also has a considerable discussion on this issue of natural born citizenship: “Natural Born Citizen Clause“. The definition discussed and argued ALWAYS stipulate to the TWO parent requirement – in other words “natural born PARENTS” for a “natural born child” for a “natural born citizen.” All three born in America or on American soil.

Does Barack Obama meet the legal test? He certainly is a “citizen born on U.S. soil, but I’m not so sure that he is a “natural born citizen.” His father certainly was NOT a natural born citizen. A copy of his recent released Birth Certificate is here – click “rest of the entry”.



Written by Joe Blow

April 28, 2011 at 6:49 pm

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