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The Substance of a Twittering Democrat

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The Joe Blow Report came to a towering decision this week, wrote a specific comment to see if the decision was justified – it was, so now we move on. From the beginning of this blog our interests were directed locally. Since our roots are in Southern Humboldt we concentrated on blogs originating there. For example three come to mind, (1)Ernie Branscomb (a punk I went to school with – [my school-time opinion of him] – it hasn’t changed in 50 years), (2) Kym Kemp and (3)Eric Kirk. Kym was conversational and seemed open-minded – turns out she’s not, and the Great Kirk, a Garberville celebrity. Go there, check them out. Each has an interesting and informative website. They also have a rather faithful and diversified list of followers. Each are an absolute authority on all matters relevant to themselves. Think not? Just question them or make a critical comment on something they assert, and they’ll straighten you out in a heartbeat. If they don’t, just be patient some of their adoring fans will. Of course, afterwards if you are lucky, you’ll believe that you just managed to escape a lynching.

Between the three blogs and the select people that regularly made comments on these blogs it was easy to get a pretty good cross-section on the thinking and status quo of the local SoHum community. Each of these three people are unique in their own way. Their writings vary with their ages and experience in life. What they believe and how they approach life is clearly evident. In time I was able to ascertain that all three possessed one equalizing quality: The all believe they are of the elite class of Americans. They’re really only wannabes, but that doesn’t slow them up when it comes to talking down to those that challenge their make-believe status.

Not only are they wannabes, they are not very decent to anyone that’s not a groupie. They all open their blogs to anyone wanting to join in on the conversations they post, but when they don’t want to acknowledge a specifically directed question or comment offered to them, they just look down their respective arrogant elitist noses and ignore you. Doing that in public is simply RUDE. It is also indecent, demeaning and derogatory. What bloggers that do this don’t realize is what they are saying about themselves. It is how they are defined, or define themselves, as wannabe little elite gods. It doesn’t take the other participants long to pickup on what’s going on and join in on the circle-jerk.

All they have to do if they don’t want to talk to someone is simply tell them, “you’re not welcome on this blog.” But then, that would require them to lower themselves to the “sub-human” level, and then they’d be admitting to everyone that, in their heart of hearts, they’re really not “wannabes.” When you accuse someone of being a second class citizen and then treat them like some pariah, you certainly can’t expect that bully to be decent, now can you? So, why would they listen to anything you have say? They won’t and they don’t. The fact is, they try to use what you say against you every time.

When I think of these people I am reminded of the first time I read the Charles Dickens’ novel, The Tale of Two Cities. I think this is what’s happening in America. These wannabe Aristocrats will be worse then the real Power Elites by the time this mess shakes itself all out. By then I don’t think it will matter. They’re already doing a pretty good job. They’ve got their “mock” guillotine working pretty darn good too – you either agree to their unsubstantiated, unproven and unsupported opinions telling you what to believe and think or – off with your head.  

Bullies come in all shapes and sizes. Ever try to reason with a bully? It’s a total waste of time.

To illustrate, I made a comment on this thread: “I wasn’t at the meeting” on Eric Kirk’s SoHum Parlance and it produced the following exchange. (My last comment was a little long, but that was because it was to be my last.) Here’s the first comment. Eric was preaching to the choir. Here is part of what he said:

“Right or wrong, demonstrations and rhetoric without focus can be detrimental to a cause, and certainly to rational discourse.  It’s not enough to be loud.  We have to learn to persuade.  It requires engagement and a rational understanding of your opposition sans demonetization and oversimplification.  We aren’t heard if we don’t listen and don’t engage.”

December 21, 2010 at 7:54 pm
Joe Blow:
Eric, “We aren’t heard if we don’t listen and don’t engage.” OH! Really? It’s the talker’s fault the listener judges him a dog and only hears whimpering and whining? Do you know how many comments I’ve made on your blog that end the thread? Engage. That’s a joke. Who engages a hate-mongering troll?

When that question produced NO response from Eric or anyone else, I offered the following comment:

December 22, 2010 at 8:41 am
Joe Blow:
Eric, I’ve said this before a time or two, “It is what you DON’T say that speaks to the truth.” I could have asked the question, “Who engages a gutless Democrat?” The “Left” have “failed” because they, people like you, think matters are still about “talking.” So, add blind and stupid to the gutless.

That comment got his attention and he followed it up with this:

December 22, 2010 at 11:17 am
Eric Kirk:
Joe – the public option failed because it was a political impossiblity due to the change in the role of the filibuster and conservative democrats. Had it been politically viable, Obama would have pushed the issue. He is a pragmatic technocrat, not the visionary he advertised – at least not in terms of short term gain.

December 22, 2010 at 11:56 am
Joe Blow:
Eric says, “Joe – the public option failed because it was a political impossibility due to the change in the role of the filibuster and conservative democrats. Had it been politically viable, Obama would have pushed the issue. He is a pragmatic technocrat, not the visionary he advertised – at least not in terms of short term gain.”

I’m always amused when I receive a comment of this caliber. Are you expecting everyone to just take your word for these assertions. You can’t PROVE what you say BECAUSE he DID NOT even TRY! NO PROOF, only biased, unsubstantiated opinion. Even so, as long as you look at these issues in isolation you can always assert contravening possibilities. When you consider the past three years worth of fact – what Obama said and what he actuallydid, you get an altogether different picture.

Second: “…he’d put up mock fights to appease the left voters.” He seems to have put up enough “mock” BS to fool you. It’s called “direction – misdirection.” His actions demonstrate that he has only done enough to keep the believers, people such as yourself, mollified. When in fact he sold out the “left voters” right from the start. Why would he support “left voters” when the whole country, with small exceptions, has gone totally Republican? He’s given conservatives and Republicans nearly everything they want and called in “compromise” to “mock” the liberal “left” progressives.
And third: (I just couldn’t pass this up.) “In 20 years everyone will probably be calling him a genius. If we’re still around.” Sorry, but the only way that’s going to happen is if he turns out to be the Antichrist.

Eric’s slick response was:

December 22, 2010 at 10:23 pm
Eric Kirk
Joe – I certainly can’t prove what will happen in the future, but I have a pretty good feel for these things. We can pick up this discussion in four years if we’re both still alive.

My final response was unanswered:

December 23, 2010 at 5:30 pm
Joe Blow
Joe – I certainly can’t prove what will happen in the future, but I have a pretty good feel for these things. We can pick up this discussion in four years if we’re both still alive.

Problem is, based upon what you write in this blog, in particular what you’ve had to say to me, you can’t prove what happened in the past either. The future’s got some real surprises in store for you, not that I give a rat’s ass one way or another.

Even so, thanks for really engaging once in a while. Of all the local blogs (not too many anymore) I visit and make comment, you are the only person adult enough to deal with the subject issues and not express offense at a differing point of view. Even though you can be snide and sarcastic once in awhile.  However, you forgot to accept and to recognize, the other two qualities it takes to successfully communicate. Hence my redundant point, you, I and everyone else DO NOT have four more years frittering away our options yapping about worthless conjectures and egoistic opinions. You may have a good feel for somethings, but your viewpoint is limited to your beliefs. You are NOT impartial, or objective. You’ve sold your soul to this system and simply do not know any better. Nothing wrong with that, it just happens to be how it is.

As you may have surmised, I too am pretty good at what I am. That’s why you refuse to address some of the the key issues I raise, but no matter, I ferreted out what I wanted to know. So I ask, why does exposing the facts, and the truth threaten our freedoms and Constitutional rights as Americans? What happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty? Why are we all expected to accept the lies and fall in line like sheep to the slaughter? You continue to accept the corrupt and craven offered as the only choice to vote for and expect something to change for the better. Then whine and cry because there is nothing you can do about the “corrupt and craven.” In the meantime they loot, butcher by the millions, and destroy this earth and all hope for human survival. You want to know why? I’ll tell you anyway.  Because they, these Elite Exceptional People you worship, believe Jesus Christ is coming back to Jerusalem in Israel in the very near future and take them all away to Heaven. So what’s a little climate change, hundreds of thousands of innocent lives that Jesus is going to judge to Hell, add to that genetically modified grain spread throughout the Earth that can’t reproduce and at the same time kills off all the natural grain and is permanently contaminating the Earth. And you choose to participate in and defend this slavery?

The Democrats, liberals, progressives – so-called Left thought they could reason with the conservatives, the Republicans, some sellout Democrats – the so-called Right. The problem is the Left never understood how the Right thinks or what their real intent is. The last 12 -15 years should have been a wake-up call, but obviously wasn’t. An old logger used to tell me, who happened to be a good Republican, when after trying to talk politics with Democrats, “You can’t reason with an idiot.” I always thought that was a bit hard, since it was really meant as a backhanded slap at me. Idiots or not, it’s time to standup and be counted. Just stop cooperating. That’s pretty much what the Conservative Republicans did the last two years. When you let people tell you how to think, rather than just give you the facts and let you decide, you grant them de facto stature and standing that justifies their attitude that you must be an idiot to believe their lies and go along with what they want.

Since it is my intention that this be my last post on this blog, I’m going to end this by being consistent with myself. EVERYTHING IS ABOUT SOMETHING DIFFERENT” whether you like it or not. You’d probably have things figured out Eric, if they were about the things you “think,” or more likely, “believe” they are. All this political shimmy shammy you engage in is really irrelevant to what’s really going on. Some of us live their lives so as to prove what is and what is not. Some call that proofing truth. This little truth doesn’t care what anyone thinks or believes: “What goes around always comes around” or as the ancient prophet and scholar said: “Do not be misled: ‘God is not one to be mocked. For whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap.” You said in a recent post speaking about Obama’s conduct motivated by pragmatism: “And yes, it often means “collaboration” with slime and reaction.” That conduct is, by definition, the craven corruption of sin. America reaps what it sows – the whirlwind.

Notice how Eric responded to this last comment? When blogs are only about aggrandizing and glorifying the author and not about what they write, it’s time to move on. Most bloggers, with vary rare exceptions, are unable to distinguish or make the distinction between who or what they ARE from what they say, write, think or believe. Disagree, make a critical observation, or that there are factual discrepancies or unproven opinions and they attack you with every foul, filthy lying accusation they can lay their tongue to. Since I’m not interested in or into stroking these folk’s egos, it’s time to do something else.



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