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America’s World Holocaust

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Yesterday, today,  tomorrow and the next day is the anniversary of the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki where over two hundred thousand people, mostly civilian women and children, were killed. Half of the deaths came as a consequence of the lingering torture caused by burns, radiation sickness, and illness. This on top of the year-long campaign of fire-bombing civilian populations in both German and Japanese cities. Hundreds of thousands of non-military civilians died and suffered the ravages of lingering burns and sickness. At the time this was an unknown sickness call “Disease X” where people (survivors), for the most part looked normal one and were dead the next day.

What justifies the wanton criminal butchery of innocent women and children? Going after a man’s wife and children is one of the most despicable and cowardly act of any so-called human. This so-called war right, “Total War” has been around in one form or anther for some time. History indicates that in the American Civil War the North decided the best way to break the back of the South was to wage war on their women. Of course, the United States of America had been waging this kind of war on the indigenous “Indian” people for some time. When they decided to use it on their own people the true nature of the “Free American” began to take shape. For more than 150 years the United States has accumulated an immense amount of blood on its hands and that of it’s progeny. Everyday the news reports more and more civilian deaths caused directly by the U.S. military or or military forces they control. Then there is the consequential deaths caused by people trying to defend against America’s illegal invasions, targeted bombings and assassinations. In “Total War” the United States decided to go to war with the world – the whole Earth is its battlefield. No civilian anywhere or in any country is proven safe today. Anyone that refuses to accept America’s elitist right to dictate and control who eats and who does not – who lives and who dies on this earth is summarily accused without any legal redress as a terrorist and promptly gathered up and tortured or extra judicially murdered (assassinated).

Most Americans believe that they have the God-given Christian right to exist and to rule this Earth whereas all others who are not Christians do not. They believe this gives them the right to wage total war on everyone else that disagrees. This battle is fought to lessor degrees in families, cities, counties, states, in the federal government, between countries and now with the whole world.

The blood runs as high as a horse’s bridle. Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity, did not present his God as such a blood-thirsty warmonger. In fact, quite the opposite. So what makes anyone think that the cost of all this life shall not be held against America and her children?

[UPDATE :: August 9, 2010 – The Anniversary of the Nagasaki massacre.]

The Nation has an interesting article today by Greg Mitchel, “Press Censorship: How the Truth Was Hidden About Nagasaki” well worth reading. Bombing Nagasaki exposed the true reason for America using the Atomic bomb on a defenseless civilian population. That motivation continues to reign supreme till today.


Written by Joe Blow

August 8, 2010 at 1:20 am

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