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Scales are Slowly Coming Off

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Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to see what’s right before your eyes. This is what we have here in this February 2, 2010, Wall Street Journal article by Fauad Ajami: 

The Obama Spell Is Broken

“Unlike this president, John Kennedy was an ironist who never fell for his own mystique.”

Mr. Ajami concludes:

It is true to this history that countless voices on the left now want Obama to be Obama. The economic stimulus, the true believers say, had not gone astray, it only needed to be larger; the popular revolt against ObamaCare would subside if and when a new system was put in place.

There had been that magical moment—the campaign of 2008—and the true believers want to return to it. But reality is merciless. The spell is broken.

Kind of sounds like he was describing the False Messiah, that is if the “False Messiah” was a man. Does Obama’s tenure to date meet the specified lifetime for the “False One” BEFORE Jesus exposes him?



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