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– Learned from the Jew

“Say one thing. Do another. Deny what you did. Lie about what you said.”

That’s the AMERICAN WAY. Their face; that of a hypocrite and a born liar. The tragedy is that millions of honest and sincere people put their trust in him to carry their load in the hope that a lot less of them would have to die. Too bad they wasted their time and votes. You think I’m talking about President Barach Obama, don’t you? I could be.

How many things has President Obama said he was for and wanted to do, only to do exactly what the Republican’s wanted? Once this health care bill is passed the so-called “Conservatives” in this country will have a lock on “pay-as-you-go” health care. These money-mongering, worthless insurance companies and their elitist owners will show all those sub-human peasants how to pay to die.

Just the same way the Jew’s in Israel are teaching those interloper Palestinians to pay to die too. Notice how the Jew’s say that they want piece, while the wage war on the innocent women and children. They deny it’s war, merely self-defense. Against women and children through decades of starvation, bombs and bullets? Then they lie about their desire for peace while all the time illegally taking land to build homes. If anyone thinks for a second that the Jews will ever deal with the Palestinians in a “two-state” way as equals, you hallucinate. To recognize and accept the Palestinians as legitimate equals after all these years of rejection would be to defacto admit their, the Jew’s, legitimate right to exist as a singular nation-state. That is why it is so important for the Jews to get the Palestinians and other Arab holdouts to unilaterally recognize Israel’s right to exist BEFORE the Jews will make peace. So what does any of this have to do with health insurance legislation?

This is how the mooch and pay conservatives think and deal with the progressives. Listen to the words of Dennis Kucinich talking about his discussions with President Obama and the Democrat leaders of the House and Senate: “” They would not budge a fraction of an inch! Not that way with the conservatives. Obama and his colleagues bend over backwards to accommodate them.

By the way, this article is about Dennis Kucinich letting President Barach Obama get away with selling out those American’s that voted for him. Kucinich says he didn’t want to be the one accused of bringing down Obama’s presidency. That really wasn’t his choice. Obama made that choice when he decided to set the “pay-as-go,” pay the insurance companies for some health care limits. When he decided to screw, America he made that decision. In the end Kucinich’s gutless, effeminate act was a sellout that cost him whatever credibility he had regarding the war, banking, the economy and single-payer health care.

The Democrats had one, maybe two chances to redeem themselves and this country after Bush and Cheney. They had to impeach Bush and Cheney and prosecute their conspirators. The Speaker of the House refused, stating she did not want to do anything that might handicap a Democratic president after Bush. That meant no impeachment, but it could allow the new president the opportunity to indict and prosecute Bush, Cheney and all the other responsible criminals. Instead, history and Barach Obama speak for themselves.



Written by Joe Blow

March 19, 2010 at 6:12 pm

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