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Leash Law! –Huh?

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What good are leash laws when they’re not enforced. What’s that dog doing running loose in the public park anyway?

“He’s a regular there,” Graunitz said . . .

If Jason Graunitz, an employee with the city Parks and Recreation Department, was doing his job the first thing he’d do is call the police to get the dog under control. This is why the leash law isn’t worth it’s weight in dog crap.

Graunitz says, ”It’s just a matter of time before it happens to a kid on the playground.” “All I could think of was my kid getting attacked by that dog.” This is just MORE dog crap!

Just listen to this guy, “Absent finding the animal, Graunitz said, he’ll have to undergo a rabies vaccination, which would be uncomfortable and paid for by the taxpayers.” I hear the shots are more than just “uncomfortable.” Maybe he’ll do more than try to justify letting a “fully grown pit bull” run loose in a public park.

Besides, what’s the difference between that teenager letting his dog bite someone (he established “eye contact”) or that teenager walking up behind Graunitz and whacking him with a stick with nails in it? You think this guy learned anything about dogs and kids?

Here’s the newspaper account:

City employee attacked by pit bull

The Times-Standard
Posted: 11/18/2009 01:15:16 AM PST

[Picture source]


Don’t Rake Those Leaves

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Improve your soil by raking less

by Terry Ettinger

no_rake_leavesIf you dread the annual fall leaf-raking marathon, we have good news for you: Raking and collecting leaves every autumn is a tradition without scientific basis. Read More…

This article came along just at the right time. I was planning on using the grass-catcher to pick up all those leave the neighbor’s tree deposits all over my lawn the next time I mowed, but now I’m just going to mulch. GREAT!

Might as well put a plug in for the Fine Gardening website. It’s been a great source of “how to” information for me.

How to Reduce Maintenance

Some time-saving tactics can make your garden easier to care for

by Sydney Eddison

This is a great article for older gardeners — lots of help and great ideas here.


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November 3, 2009 at 3:29 am

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