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Does This Make Sense?

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keillorToday’s Salon article by Garrison Keillor,

Cut Republicans out of healthcare!

“Let them make do with aspirin and hand sanitizer. Meanwhile, the money we save will pay off the deficit” concludes by saying:

Thirty-six years of bitter battle over Roe v. Wade and what has it gotten us? If the decision were overturned tomorrow, not much would change. The question would revert to the states, and some would permit the termination of pregnancy, others wouldn’t. Meanwhile, the effect of the battle has been quite other than what the Catholic Church could have wanted, the unleashing of angry demons, the poisoning of the body politic.

Conservatives and liberals can agree on the basics — that the nation wallows in debt, that it is shortsighted of the states to cut back on the most essential work of government, which is the education of the young, and that somehow we have got to become a more productive nation and less consumptive — but the ruffles and flourishes of Washington seem ever more irrelevant to the crises we face. When an entire major party has excused itself from meaningful debate and a thoughtful U.S. senator like Orrin Hatch no longer finds it important to make sense and an up-and-comer like Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty attacks the president for giving a speech telling schoolchildren to work hard in school and get good grades, one starts to wonder if the country wouldn’t be better off without them and if Republicans should be cut out of the healthcare system entirely and simply provided with aspirin and hand sanitizer. Thirty-two percent of the population identifies with the GOP, and if we cut off healthcare to them, we could probably pay off the deficit in short order.

It’s time to dump the dead-end issues that have wasted too much time already. Old men shouldn’t be allowed to doze off at the switch and muck up the works for the young who will have to repair the damage. Get over yourselves. Your replacements have arrived, and you should think about them now and then. Enough with the shrieking. Pass healthcare reform.

Maybe we should do the Republicans the favor of taking away their Social Security and Medicare benefits as well. Then when “push comes to shove” we could start thinking about sending that “thirty-two percent” to Alaska.


Represent Who? What?

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TS091909-1_309x239This was the picture that greeted me Saturday, September 19, 2009.

“Eureka water, sewer rates set to rise,” NO THANKS TO THE EUREKA CITY COUNCIL!

The City Council examined an analysis of next year’s water and wastewater rate increases Thursday night, with council members weighing in on the change. The analysis estimated that customers would see a 53 percent increase in water rates over the next five years. For next year’s combined water and wastewater rates, the city expects an increase of $8.22 for residential customers and more substantial increases for some commercial customers.

Who do these people represent? The people who voted them into office? First it was mandatory garbage collection, then its mandatory recycling and now mandatory higher water and sewer rates. President Obama wants mandatory health insurance imposed on everyone too. We certainly can’t have some slacker refusing to pay his or her fair share.

This “peachy” cop-out by the new guy, Frank Jager says it all, “It’s going to be a hard pill for everybody to swallow — it’s not something I want to force on people but we don’t have a choice,” he said. “The sewer systems are falling apart, the water system needs to be addressed.”

NO CHOICE? If what he says is true, then someone was either awfully incompetent, negligent or he’s full of bull. There is always a choice – the easy choice, loot the people you’re supposed to represent, then blame them.

If you need a good example of why Joe Blow blames the voters for these people’s self-serving actions, drop by the Humboldt Herald Blog and read some of the comments about another waste of time demonstrated before this self-same City Council, voicing your worthless opinions: Mandatory garbage vs. the Tri City Weekly.

Maybe these “representatives” would be better advised to spend their time formulating some inventive solutions rather than wasting their time trying to “educate” us dumb people with all the deep pockets. Maybe it’s time to re-educate these bought and paid for representatives with a few home-grown solutions since “representative” government certainly doesn’t work when they think and act like these people think and act.

When you find someone that can truly represent the people rather than themselves and their worthless opinions and belief systems, let me know. Will you?



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10,000 plants pulled by CAMP raids

John Driscoll/The Times-Standardcamp-pot_0001_309x278
Posted: 09/05/2009 01:30:26 AM PDT

“An estimated $3 million worth of marijuana was seized in a raid on U.S. Forest Service land outside Willow Creek on Thursday. … ”

What does CAMP do with THREE MILLION DOLLARS of pot? They burn it, that’s what!

Let’s see, $3,000,000 divided by 10,000 plants comes to $300 a plant. The question we should all be asking is, how much taxpayer money did each one of those plants actually cost to erradicate and burn? 

When there is NO money to pay for school busses for our children and grandchildren, or money for the elderly, the two parts of our society that needs help them most, the State of CA has millions to spend on something as frivolous as harvesting POT. For some reason the Sheriff’s Department deemed it important to make the distinction that the pot wasn’t grown by local small-time farmers. They say, “written material and personal belongings found at the site indicated that an organized drug trafficking organization was behind the grow.” That’s really BAD! Drug traffickers in Humboldt County justifies the cost . . .

If all CAMP and all their allies are doing is going after the “organized drug traffickers,” who benefits? Must be the local boys and girls. Good way to drive up the value. Hey, we got THREE MILLION DOLLARS worth of worthless pot. Who benefits from this make-work program?

What I really like is how John Driscoll for the Times-Standard just rolls out the various spokesperson’s dribble as if it was the god’s-gospel truth. Then when these same “people” are asked to explain, the conveniently hide behind some “BS” excuse like “inquiries from the media” need  “to be cleared through the agency’s Washington, D.C. office.” Then follow-up by saying their enquiries were not returned by deadline.” 

Thus the newspaper rubberstamps what the government agencies want people to know and ends further reporting.

When more money is needed for schools and other essential programs why would the City of Arcata interfere in a developing tax base? The other front page article on Saturday’s Times-Standard, “Danco considers bypassing Arcata council for Creekside Homes annexation” offers up this choice bit of nonsense.  This says it all: “I (Councilman Shane Brinton) certainly understand their perspective and I know it can be frustrating to jump though the hoopsthat government sets up, but those hoops are there for a reason.” Jump through the hoops? Government? Mayor Mark Wheetley and Councilman Shane Brinton take a lot upon themselves when they say it is “the government” that’s putting up the hoops. Who are the people that won’t address the request? Why my goodness:

Mayor Mark Wheetley and Councilman Shane Brinton said they didn’t see the need to meet on the issue again.

”I thought our message was pretty clear,” Wheetley said. “We said that there were just too many other issues in the mix.”

He added that the council wanted to utilize staff time and resources for other projects that were at hand.

These are just some of the reasons the Joe Blow Report tries to stay out of these kinds of political mix, mash messes. It’s rather hard to do when your children and grandchildren are expected to travers Eureka on foot this year just go to school when they had bus transportation last year. When it comes to the people and what benefits them the most, “government” takes care of their own first. Remember, the police work for, protect and serve the “government,” not the people.


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