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Ravaged Whore Okay’s Rape

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Iraqi parliament OKs US troops for 3 more years
Saddam was right all along. Iraq was a closet whore, an unfaithful bitch and given the opportunity, would prove it to the world. So, he invites the United States and it’s British counterpart, the penis covered with a condom, to have a go at her, the Iraqi people. After five years of horrendous deprivation, torture and billions of American dollars in payoffs the Iraqi whore gives up and caves in, she decides it wasn’t rape after all. It may have been rough sex, but no rape; no humiliation. There was no illegal occupation of her body. The big US military penis had a right to the intercourse. Everything bad that happened to her was her fault and for being so non-responsive.

Bush and his cadre didn’t take long to declare that justified right either. On November 19, 2008, Dana Perino: “SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) Means U.S. Can ‘Celebrate The Victory’ In Iraq”


Iraq’s parliament in Baghdad, Thursday, Nov. 27, 2008, votes to approves a security pact with the United States that lets American troops stay in the country for three more years – setting a clear timetable for a U.S. exit for the first time since the 2003 invasion. The vote in favor of the pact was backed by the ruling coalition’s Shiite and Kurdish blocs as well as the largest Sunni Arab bloc, which had demanded concessions for supporting the deal. The Shiite bloc agreed to a Sunni demand that the pact be put to a referendum by July 30, meaning the deal must undergo an additional hurdle next year. Under the agreement, U.S. forces will withdraw from Iraqi cities by June 30 and the entire country by Jan. 1, 2012. Iraq will have strict oversight over U.S. forces. At top right are Sadrist lawmakers chanting and raising placards reading: ‘No, no to the agreement.’ (AP Photo/APTN)

War and Rape/Rape and War – Life after rape, Iraqi style.

There’s still a chance for the Iraqi people to redeem themselves before God, the Universe and the world should they get that opportunity with the agreed upon referendum by July 30, 2009. So far, the Sunni people are the only ones with any dignity, sense of self or any self-respect as a people or a nation state. Bush did good though. Now he and his thug cadre won’t have to stand trial for war crimes nor will the American people have to pay the Iraqi people reparations for destroying that country and its people.


Written by Joe Blow

November 27, 2008 at 8:48 pm

Black Hope Is A Joke

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My original idea was to write about the Republican Colonial Occupiers and their Democrat Collaborators continued looting of the American treasury BEFORE the American people, those “ignorant and meddlesome outsiders” could get their country back. Then I happened to hear this man speak, Noam Chomsky, where he discussed the meaning of President-Elect Barack Obama’s victory and the possibilities ahead for real democratic change at a speech last week in Boston. Since he’s a World-renowned public intellectual, and I am not, I decided to let him speak for me. Read it an weep all you trusting believers. Looks like you’ve been sold a bill of goods, Barack Obama Style.

“What Next? The Elections, the Economy, and the World.” by Noam Chomsky.

Well, let’s begin with the elections. The world that the rolls off of everyone’s tongue is historic. Historic election. And I agree with it. It was a historic election. To have a black family in the white house is a momentous achievement. In fact, it’s historic in a broader sense. The two Democratic candidates were an African-American and a woman. Both remarkable achievements. We go back say 40 years, it would have been unthinkable. So something’s happened to the country in 40 years. And what’s happened to the country- which is we’re not supposed to mention- is that there was extensive and very constructive activism in the 1960s, which had an aftermath. So the feminist movement, mostly developed in the 70s-–the solidarity movements of the 80’s and on till today. And the activism did civilize the country. The country’s a lot more civilized than it was 40 years ago and the historic achievements illustrate it. That’s also a lesson for what’s next.

What’s next will depend on whether the same thing happens. Changes and progress very rarely are gifts from above. They come out of struggles from below. And the answer to what’s next depends on people like you. Nobody else can answer it. It’s not predictable. In some ways, the election—the election was surprising in some respects.

Going back to my bad prediction, If the financial crisis hadn’t taken place at the moment that it did, if it had been delayed a couple of months, I suspect that prediction would have been correct. But not speculating, one thing surprising about the election was that it wasn’t a landslide.
bq. By the usual criteria, you would expect the opposition party to win in a landslide under conditions like the ones that exist today. The incumbent president for eight years was so unpopular that his own party couldn’t mention his name and had to pretend to be opposing his policies. He presided over the worst record for ordinary people in post-war history, in terms of job growth, real wealth and so on. Just about everything the administration was touched just turned into a disaster. [The] country has reached the lowest level of standing in the world that it’s ever had. The economy was tanking. Several recessions are going on. Not just the ones on the front pages, the financial recession. There’s also a recession in the real economy. The productive economy, under circumstances and people know it. So 80% of the population say that the country’s going in the wrong direction. About 80% say the government doesn’t work to the benefit of the people, it works for the few and the special interests. A startling 94% complain that the government doesn’t pay any attention to the public will, and on like that. Under conditions like that, you would expect a landslide to a opposition almost whoever they are. And there wasn’t one. Read the rest of this entry »

BACKLASH or BLACKLIST, What’s the Difference?

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BACKLASH, that’s what you get when the mob doesn’t get their way. One person, one vote, the will of the people, meaningful democratic principles, they all go out the window when they don’t get their way. Beware all you Christians and moralistic Believers, accept the facts as demonstrated, corruption breeds corruption, one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel. The hatred and bigotry publicly demonstrated by these slobbering crazies, to quote Heraldo, rival any neo-Nazi, right wing conservative.

The Times-Standards article said: ”Many feel as if they are now second-class citizens in a country that has seen that change can happen with this historical election,” a press release for the nation-wide event stated. “They do not feel that a majority should be able to vote on minorities’ rights or vote to take anyone’s rights away.” And this: Anger over Prop. 8 vote directed at Mormon temples nationwide

“They do not feel that a majority should be able to vote on minorities’ rights or vote to take anyone’s rights away.”

The folks in Iraq didn’t have a vote BEFORE they were raped either. How about all of these people, they didn’t have a vote either, the United States saw to that!

AP Exclusive: Indonesians recount role in massacre

Or this: UN agency warns against Gaza blockade Responsibility

Or this:  Afghanistan: Civilian Deaths From Airstrikes

Or this: US airstrikes kill 27 civilians at Afghan-Pakistan border

Or this: Hamas barrage as Gaza under fire

How is it that people can butcher by the millions their own kind just because they have a different religion, political point of view or sexual persuasion, if that’s what you want to call it? Take a good look a the local blogs, their commentary and comments on CA Prop. 8 and it won’t take you long to figure out how.

These people are self-defined. Stating the obvious is hardly name-calling. The Truth reveals itself. Lipstick on a pig doesn’t change anything. No one can justify such corruption and criminal behavior. Yet, it happens. It happens because of the lawless anarchy spitting in the face of the Universe. No Half-Black President can change that.

Written by Joe Blow

November 16, 2008 at 12:41 am

Just vote “NO” on “8” – Really?

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For the past eight (28) years we’ve watched this country and it’s negative impact upon the world as the American people enforce their Imperial Dynasty. Most recently enforcing their religious righteousness through their so-called right to self-defense by preemptive war based upon lies and false accusations against peoples and their countries sovereign right to exist equal to all other countries. We watch as the One World Government insidiously takes control of the Banking and Monetary Systems and silently develops its tenacious military hold on the world.  We watch the flawed meaningless selection of government leaders from City Counsel to US President.  We watch the Republicans well enabled by the gutless Democrats bleed the poor and the middle-class American by the millions as they create a new homeless class, starve the world as they violate the sovereignty of other countries at will threatening the world with nuclear annihilation should anyone object.  Across this nation the Republicans assault the voter and his or her right to vote and to vote for a meaningful representative.  They, the preachers Obama and Palin spout worthless words of born-again hope and pie in the sky crap everyone buys into on the one side and old white men preach the need to kiss the Jew to survive through their constant diatribe of hate and fear mongering on the the other side. While all the time the masses of people in this country votes with their feet and their money daily with its enforced anarchy and chaos as it slides further and further into the pits of debt and corruption.

But, HEY! God’s in control, right? If He isn’t, then it’s the other guy’s fault. Our mandate is to spread American style “Freedom” to the World even when they don’t want it. Believe me, that freedom starts right here at home. So, don’t impose upon me your stupid laws that just might put a crimp in my freedoms. Thats all our elected representatives do, make more and more stupid laws. So many laws you can’t breath anymore without breaking one of their do-gooder laws. I’m talking about the kind of do-gooder law that raises our taxes like the recent imposition called mandated recycling for all Eureka property owners. No freedom here, just pay. So, what happens when someone can’t pay. The city going to come in and take their home for nonpayment?

What’s any of this got to do with Proposition 8. Joe doesn’t talk about political stuff, you know. Well, one of his semi-daily excursions into the blogger world includes checking to see what the latest pictures are at the Blackbelt. This time he was introduced to this aberration she wrote on October 28: “Whether you’re for or against 8, Just say No to H8.” Joe had to find out if she was for or against; shows you how much Joe cares. He cares about the issue, but could care less about the political solution people are trying to conjure up. Anyway he read what she said and all 16 comments. You’ll notice most everyone is a bit confused about the whole issue of good law versus bad law by what she said and they wrote. Our “Redhead” defines bad law when everyone breaks that law. The people spoke, the 55 MPH was a joke. It did one thing positive, though. It made most drivers callused lawbreakers. Of course, this is the real definition of anarchy. But, what can any of us do? Right now, everyone has an opportunity to vote in someone different than the lawless and corrupt Democrats and Republicans. They won’t because while they want to enforce anarchy, they want to blame someone else for what they are.

According to these folks in Southern Humboldt imposing a stop sign to interfere with our driving freedoms was a bad law too. That’s what better than 50% of the drivers that pass by daily where I live tell me and everyone else. What makes their “in your face” assault even worse is that one regulated street with the through traffic from the right is a seriously blind corner where you are forced to drive into the intersection to see if its safe and at certain times during the day the streets and intersection is full of school children. Most of these drivers don’t even slow down, let alone stop. Park sometime near an intersection with a four-way stop and watch the zoo. Joe wonders when the last time a Eureka City police officer or one of the CA Highway Patrol actually cited someone for failure to stop at a stop sign. When the country decided that the punishment did not fit the crime the US Constitution became worthless words of old antiquated, impractical law. Democratic Anarchy neutralized legitimacy and we were blessed with eight years of pseudo government. Tell me one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole barrel.

So, to all you Republicans proudly displaying your McCain/Palin bumper stickers running these stop signs, speeding and generally threatening everyone and everything precious, Joe knows who you are. You Democrat neighbors with your Obama/Biden signs in your yards, he knows who you are too. When you deliberately run a stop sign, assault another innocent, and cause injury or death you do so deliberately, with premeditated malice. What you do is NO accident.

So, Miss Redhead, you might want to ask yourself, do I have the moral and ethical right, in all God-given conscience to judge law and impose that judgment by voting “NO”? Answer that question and you might just find you have a lot more in common with Joe Blow than you know.

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