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Real Change Starts at Home

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It’s real interesting what you can learn about people by just watching how they drive. Joe had an opportunity to follow Ms. Rodoni, completely by accident of course. He was so struck by how this woman drove that when he pulled up alongside her at a stoplight he just had to look and see who the hell that sorry S.O.B was. Some surprise, HUH?

Joe says that “elections” are a joke, but if you think they work for you, well — carry on. Barack Obama, a new and up and coming picture of change is refuted by an old, angry picture of the past. That’s what Joe calls a real contradiction in reality.

Of course, if you really think either one of those “smoke-blowers” will bring real, meaningful change then turn around and vote in the same old bought and paid for crowd, Joe says you all get what you deserve. He was struck by two newspaper articles this Saturday, one in the Times-Standard and the other the Editorial in The Eureka Reporter. First, notice the commentary by Jessie Faulkner in the Times-Standard: Whirling dervishes — a tornado of a race. The first half of what he says is about Johanna Rodoni. Clearly, we can all see who the “gold digger” is in that family. Yet, The Eureka Reporter says: Second District county supervisor, The Reporter Recommends Johanna Rodoni. The good ol’ boy club is alive and still kickin’.

You want real change? Then start by throwing ALL the bums out.

ADDENDUM :: Thursday, October 23, 2008

It’s called a “peaceful revolution.” You vote in all new people. You vote out both Democrats and Republicans and start over. Otherwise, you’ve got no bitch when empty words produce the same ol’ broken system. Dave Berman’s Blog “We Do Not Consent” deals with his somewhat lame reasons for and how to promote a peaceful revolution. He hasn’t quite yet come to terms with the fact a rotten tree, or a corrupt system of government, produces only rotten fruit.

So much for Joe and his politics

Written by Joe Blow

October 18, 2008 at 10:57 pm

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