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Chaos in Eurekaville

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EUREKAVILLE:  272 miles north of San Francisco, CA at the intersection of disambiguation and redshift. A bustling hot-spot of creative energy, populated by anarchist, innovators, conservative and liberal believers and explorers.

Eurekaville replaces the tiered and layered redundancy of standard news media and government structure with fast-moving networks of award-winning pros – all top specialists. That means when the meter’s running, Eurekavilleites aren’t paying to ride around the block twice. Every tax dollar is tied to a real deliverable; not some self-serving politician’s or executive beurocrat’s expense account.

Like every great city, Eurekaville has a pulse, a crisp vibe that permeates through the streets. Smart, to-the-point and sassy when we need to be, every brilliant idea that’s born and raised here leaves the city limits walking tall and getting things done.

Just look at this innovative piece of brilliance, in the Times-Standard, Wednesday, 13, 2008, edition in My Word (Other Voices on the Web) Jude Cole wrote: Traffic woes are helped by officers. She says, and Joe believes it’s worth repeating: “Chief Nielsen attended many of the neighborhood meetings. For the first time ever we have a pro-active, positive, caring police force with some of the greatest group of men I’ve ever spoken with. Though stretched to the max and understaffed, officers find a way to make their presence known on this side of town.”  Well, Hallelujah! What are we going to do about the rest of Eurekaville Chief Nielsen? You know, if you play your cards right you could get the whole town believing that you are, what did she say? “For the first time ever we have a pro-active, positive, caring police force with some of the greatest group of men I’ve ever spoken with.” Did this great group of guys take off their tazers when they talked to her?

It sure doesn’t take much to get all kinds of accolades and high-fives in Eurekaville. Well, the people in my quiet part of Eureka have the same problem as Jude Cole. Unfortunately, fifty percent of these outlaws are locals; my neighbors. Obviously, the problem is not MORE black and whites. It’s more black and whites giving these people EXPENSIVE tickets. You deliberately run a stop sign, you are deliberately and malitiously trying to hurt someone. That motor vehicle is as much a “legal” deadly weapon as a club, knife, or a gun.

More than that it is a real insult to the police and every other law abiding resident that supports them. These people that violate these laws are criminals and the government officials that do not enforce these laws are complicit in their crimes. A police state is merely a knee-jerk response by stupid people that think they are better than everyone else and don’t have to comply with the law themselves. The police, bless their hearts, they are merely our thumb in the dike. Problem is, we just don’t have enough thumbs.

On the other hand, Eurekaville does not need this kind of anarchy in Letters to the Editor (Times-Standard) Support law enforcement. “Dave Douglas is a good man of the highest standards whom I’ve had the opportunity to meet on two occasions and I will personally vouch for his character, forth rightness and his heart being in the right place in regard for all beings “Great and Small.” So spoken or should I say written by, S. Elizabeth Early. The seeds of chaos and anarchy grow from this feminine manure. A “good man” is as a “good man” does. Personally, I’ll decide for myself, if you please, who is and who is not “a good man.” How well a man does or if he obeys and enforces the law is a good place to start. The Law always rules Supreme over man or men.



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