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Joe Blow Hits the Big-Time

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Joe took a vacation and I worked on my computer. Nice, new silent power-house. It’s all about the POWER, baby!

Afterwords, Joe decided to take a sashay through some of the local Humboldt blogs, online newspapers and other points of online interest to see what he missed, if anything. To his amazement he found himself prominently displayed among all the snakes, salamander’s, bugs and other rock-crawling beasties. Oh! Not to forget the willy little fox babes, prickly porcupines and highfalutin Royalty. This link will take you there if you’re interested.

Since he was in such good company Joe decided to see what the lad had to say that required so many words. Yep! Just like he expected, the lad should have left matters well enough alone. He noticed there were 22 comments, so when his curiosity got the better of him he took a look to see who took their time to say something. He wasn’t interested in any of their opinions, he just wanted to know who chimed in.

Sometimes our mouth has a tendency to overload our backside (you know what part of your backside Joe refers to here don’t you Ernie?); something Ernie should remember when he, the pot, starts calling the kettle black. Joe was happy that he did achieve his purpose, for the lad said: “Your opinion is one of the most thought provoking opinions that I’ve had posted in a long time!” Too bad Ernie can’t tell the difference between an opinion and an observation.

Ernie says, “Your life must be real simple not needing anyone else’s opinions, sometimes other peoples opinions are all that sustain me.” That’s right Ernie, REAL SIMPLE, but not nearly as simple as you.  You say you live on opinions. The partial definition of opinions that sustain you is, “1. a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty. 2. a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.” Better yet, “persuasion, notion, idea, impression. Opinion, sentiment, view are terms for one’s conclusion about something. An opinion is a belief or judgment that falls short of absolute conviction, certainty, or positive knowledge.”

These kinds of disingenuous, hypocritical comments are why you should have left matters well enough alone and kept your comment to yourself. “You talk to me like I’m what’s wrong with America, then you go on to say; “They used your kind of patriotism to suck this country right into where they wanted it. Spreading death, destruction and chaos” . I need more details, you have too much “Inside information” that I’m just not aware of. I told you that I have difficulty understanding things. I need some clarification, what am I doing wrong, and why is it so bad to say that I was stuck dumb by the death of so many people?”

In view of what’s been going on in the World and in this country, not to mention Southern Humboldt and Northern Mendocino within the past few weeks, you’ve got the temerity to say, “you have too much ‘inside information’ that I’m just not aware of.” Where do we start, with the initial invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq? What did they say? 100,000 innocent civilians killed in Iraq alone? All those poor little “mushrooms” no one cares about? How about this, printed a year ago? Or, this one printed last month? How about this one just today on Google News? Two children killed by Canadian troops in Afghanastan. And, finally this one again today, “Israelis wound 9 Palestinians at boy’s funeral.” You get the point yet? Joe’s observation was true, you admittedly share a large responsibility for what is wrong in this country when you spout the same kinds of propaganda our teachers used to (try in Joe’s case) brainwash us with 50 years ago. Joe says he’ll stick to the truth

Yeah, Ernie! You crawled out from under a rock alright, right along with all the rest of your corrupt, dark age crusading buddies that preach, promote and propagate worthless, faith-based opinion as fact and truth.


PS. By the way, if Joe managed to offend you by his observation, please accept his apology. He says he tried to be nice . . .

Written by Joe Blow

July 31, 2008 at 1:16 am

What Value Words Of Truth?

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Joe Blow says:

“America’s legitimate right to stand or exist as nation co-equal to all other nation’s on the earth including its patriarchal adversary, England and its aristocratic ruling monarchy, was founded on the legal premise expounded in the Declaration of Independence. These men, the architects of this long lost Republic, argued their right to overthrow the rule of a despotic parent that refused to recognise their offspring’s right to legitimate existence did so by invoking God’s recognition. Hence, these words: . . .”

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