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African Elections In America?

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Joe watched the MSNBC June 22, 2008, Meet The Press TV program with Senator’s Joe Biden (Democrat) and Lindsey Graham (Republican).  Of note was the open disdain, ridicule and literal contempt Graham expressed both facially and verbally towards Joe Biden, what he said and the Democrats in particular. One wonders if this is a prelude to what’s going on in Zimbabwe? Think there is a difference?

Men with sticks and iron bars beating unidentified victims Sunday at the site of a rally that had been planned by the main opposition party in Harare, Zimbabwe. By CELIA W. DUGGER and BARRY BEARAK Published: June 24, 2008 – Pictures from MSNBC and New York Times.

You can read about this here: “Leader of Zimbabwe Opposition Seeks Refuge” in the New York Times.

Difference? Maybe suits and ties or uniforms, tasers and mace? Oh, yea! Almost forgot, billy clubs. No iron bars, yet . . .

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