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These are the immortal words of the venerable HYPOCRITE!

Unfortunately, our children pay little attention to what we say, but hang on our every movement. They see the truth and disregard our lies; what we say. When we don’t like the truth they see, we impose upon and force them to accept our lies. We make them hypocrites to justify ourselves and ease our consciences. We teach and practice corruption. In a Biblical sense, we propagate sin.

To honor life and our children we must give them the ability to think and reason. You tell them the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts and is hard to take, but that’s life. Self-respect, personal integrity and good character are taught, learned and earned by the truth. To teach truth, one must do truth. Make what you say and what you do the same.

Or, “deferential complicit enablers”

Joe sees the constant implication, if not outright accusations that the Times Standard is a liberal newspaper; as if liberal were some sort of disease. Yet, look at who owns the paper and what Rich Somerville has to say in some of his editorials.

This one caught Joe’s attention: Dirty tricks take a Humboldt holiday posted June 2.

“Whew! The day before a big election is a time to take a deep breath — not only for candidates who have been frantically campaigning, but those of us in the media helping voters make an informed decision.”

Note the words, “informed decision.” Really? Did he and his staff “do the work” of producing credible information about these people?

Read what he goes on to say: “The Times-Standard Editorial Board was impressed with the quality of the candidates, and the tone of the campaign was on a generally high level — focusing on issues rather than personalities or “dirty tricks.”

An anonymous caller tried to bait the Times-Standard into digging into the personal life of one of the candidates. I said it wasn’t any of our business, being unrelated to the job of supervisor, and that I didn’t think it was the caller’s business either.”

He says the “personal life” of these “candidates” is none of our business. According to him the “personal life” is “being unrelated to the job of supervisor.” He, mind you, “didn’t think it was the caller’s (or our) business either.” What he seems to forget is that these people are the “ISSUE” when citizens are asked to enable their right to represent the whole community. What the “Deferential Complicit Enablers” would like everyone to overlook, if not forget completely, is the fact that every registered voter, whether they vote or not, is responsible for the government that is. That government, regardless whether it’s city, county, state or federal exists, legitimate or not because the people voted it in or failed to enforce the law when the election was corrupt. There are NO innocent civilians in a Democracy. Yeah! We know that’s a bitter truth.

The next time your jerked about some law rammed down your throat, just remember, those people you voted for, the ones that told you one thing and did something else, maybe you should have found out if your representative had any integrity, whether they kept their word and could be trusted BEFORE voting for them.

The personal lives of people asking for your vote does matter. The last two Presidents of the United States should make that fact a glaring reality. Their presidency and America’s destiny is defined by their obscene morals and wanton personal character. We are all indicted by their crimes.

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