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The Medieval Inquisitor of Dark Age Hate-Mongering speaks trash again.

Lets start to set some records straight. First, Joe Blow is not some sort of “educated elite” like Mr. Franco-Simmons, Managing Editor of The Eureka Reporter. He had the presence of mind to NOT waste his time getting his thinking “educated” by any so-called philosophy professor, either Christian conservative or Pagan liberal. From his short bio it should be glaring clear that he did get educated on what biggotry, discrimination, hate-mongering, religious and political prejudices are. It was common knowledge during the last four years of his High School education that they (the teachers and officials) were not going to waste his good grades on him, so his grades went to those that needed them so they could go on to become “educated elite” and avoid going to Vietnam. 

This so-called “opinion” printed under the Editor’s Notebook, in the Eureka Reporter Sunday, April 27, 2008, titled:  “Professor’s Attack On Student’s Religion Is Outrageous” manages to find something going on in the state of New York to dump his trash all over Humboldt County again. Joe’s wordprocessor of this worthless opinion produces 578 words or 3111 letters that include, by his estimation, the following examples trash-talk in bold print:

  1. “the assault of Christianity by a bigoted, close-minded and discriminatory educational elite
  2. wayward philosophy professor attacked a student’s Constitutionally-protected freedoms”
  3. renegade ‘teacher’ … gall to insult
  4. common ivory tower bias of liberal universities”
  5. “liberal” and “Hostile to conservatives”
  6. outcast as a conservative” … “preached its dogma to impressionable students”
  7. “havens for dogmatic liberal agendas promulgated by a radical elite” … “no shame” … “no tolerance
  8. undignified behavior

Mr. Franco-Simmons’ hypocrisy is best expressed in his own words, modified slightly by Joe for effect:  “Public and some private newspapers of higher learning have become havens for dogmatic conservative agendas promulgated by a radical elite that have no shame and no tolerance for the views of others.” “These conservative owners, editors, columnist and reporters should be ashamed of their undignified behavior. It defeats the objective of what any newspaper should foster: the independent search for truth.”

These kinds of people and everyone that enables them, not too long ago burned innocent so-called “educated elite” woman at the stake for simply using a few herbs to help with health issues or trying to help their fellow sisters deliver babies without dying at the hands of their Christian religious superiors. The atrocities, including this so-called “opinion” committed by the beliefs of this kind of “Christianity” to stop all kinds of thinking has brought this earth to its knees. Oh! you say, he’s just exercising his Constitutional rights to speak his mind. Okay. So, what’s next Mr. Franco-Simmons, Christian death squads in Humboldt County dealing with the “bigoted, close-minded and discriminatory educational elite”?

Joe says, “Mr. Franco-Simmons would be a far better person and citizen if he put and kept his so-called Christian beliefs where they belong, in his garbage can.” Or is he?

— Joe


Written by Joe Blow

April 28, 2008 at 1:00 am

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