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When Joe first moved back to Eureka he began noticing these newspapers showing up in his front yard. Upon examination he found out they were a free daily newspaper, The Eureka Reporter. In time he became aware that the name, “Arkley” was associated with the paper and that the Managing Editor was Glen Franco-Simmons, which meant nothing to him. At first he enjoyed the fact that it was “free” and appreciated the large print. It didn’t take him long to realize that Mr. Franco-Simmons educated political point of view permeated the paper. He also noted how the paper, under the irresponsible rights of free “political” expression, allowed people to denigrate, degrade and otherwise assault one an other on a regular basis. The “paper” made its perverse point without having to say a word.

Now remember, the paper and Joe uses the word loosely, because what Joe read was printed on paper, was free, available and Joe did read it of his own free will. Too, he needed to start a fire once in awhile and the paper worked relatively well, so he allowed that blue pile to continue to daily adorn his property. Occasionally, like today, he asked himself why when he reads the Editor’s Notebook by Glen Franco-Simmons. The hypocrisy, ignorance and filthy bile that spews from that commentary does everyone that supports that paper justice. No one, and Joe means NO ONE, gave Mr. Franco-Simmons the god-given right to force others that do not think or believe as he does at the point of a gun or threat of nuclear holocaust or any other individual or country to submit to what he constitutes as “human rights” or his kind of “peace” including those he judges as believers “in one God, one Creator, who is omnipresent over all.” Mr. Franco-Simon memory of history is “atypical” of his type, spawned right out of the Dark Ages. Personally, Joe wants no part of your kind of peace for he knows full well that in this Universe what goes around, comes around.

What does that mean, “what goes around, comes around”? Mr. Franco-Simmons ends by saying: “In my heart, I only hope that the three religions can somehow find unity in their diversity and pave the way for peace, but my intellect tells me that won’t happen until there is a massive spilling of blood — perhaps on a scale not seen before; perhaps, in the future, it will involve nuclear war. Let us hope not. The path to religious tolerance is much easier and preferable than the path to oblivion.”

“The path to religious tolerance”? Talk about a hypocrite! There is not one word of tolerance, religious or otherwise, in what this guy just spewed out. In fact, Joe observes, if Americans are facing “unrelenting hostility” around the World or are on “the path to oblivion,” they need look no further than this kind of person and his diatribe for the cause. What you freely give out Mr. Franco Simmons, you shall surely get back in spades! That may serve justice for your children, but Joe wants no part of it for his.


Written by Joe Blow

April 20, 2008 at 11:37 pm

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