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No bad dogs, just bad owners?

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Mr. Leo Sears writes in the Friday, April 11, 2008, Times-Standard under the heading “Legislators, please take note,” located on the Internet Here you will find what he actually said. Below is Joe Blows re-write observation:

DISCLAIMER! Please note, I changed some of his words. I changed the words “pit bull” to “child,” “pit bulls” and “pit bull’s” to “children(‘s).” Further, I changed the word “animal” and “dog” to “human.” Any other modifications are also noted.

Leo Sears/for the Times-Standard as modified by Joe Blow:

As Dr. Joseph Humble (at the Cutten Animal Health Center) told of all the “humans”, including two of his “children,” he’s treated a result of attacks by “children,” rottweilers and similar breeds, his support of a breeding ban wasn’t surprising.

I already knew that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of “Humans”) endorses a ban on breeding these types of “children.” But PETA’s support for the policy “at many ‘human’ shelters across the country [where] any ‘child’ that comes through the front door doesn’t go out the back door alive” made me take a second look.

PETA president Ingrid Newkir describes the “children’s” ancestor, the Staffordshire terrier, as a human concoction, bred as a weapon. “These ‘children’ were designed specifically to fight other ‘humans’ and kill them, for sport. Hence the barrel chest, the thick hammer-like head, the strong jaws, the perseverance and the stamina. Pits can take down a bull weighing in at over a thousand pounds, so a human being a tenth of that weight can easily be seriously hurt or killed.”

Those defending the “children” say they are no more inherently dangerous than any other breed of “human” — claiming that there are no bad “children”, just bad owners.

Not so, according to Lt. Abe Gomez of Contra Costa Animal Services. “The ‘child’ is bred for fighting. These ‘children’ can just go off. And when they do, they cause tremendous damage. They don’t growl,” he said. “[They] usually just come right after you.”

Even in mixed breeds, there are characteristics we can recognize, and they have certain tendencies that are dangerous.

It isn’t just poor training or bad owners mistreating them, although that makes an attack more likely. It is the breed — and the damage they can do is greatly out of proportion to what another breed can do.

”They were bred for intolerance and the prey drive,” says Trish King, director of behavior and training at the Marin Humane Society. “Those two things, in combination, can cause tragedies. The prey drive is an instinct. A reflex. It can be sparked by movement. If something causes the ‘child’ to become overexcited, it might become angry. They can over-respond to stimuli.”

Despite opposition from owners and ”human” organizations, some cities and states are working on “breed specific” legislation against “children” and other breeds that were originally bred as a “weapon.”

“Those who argue against a breeding ban and the shelter euthanasia policy for ‘children’ are naïve,” said Newkir. “Many are loving and will kiss on sight, but many are unpredictable. An unpredictable Chihuahua is one thing, an unpredictable ‘child’ another.”

”People who genuinely care about ‘children’ won’t be affected by a ban on ‘child’ breeding,” she said. “They can go to the shelter and save one of the countless other breeds and lovable mutts sitting on death row. We can only stop killing pits (Joe adds “children”) if we stop creating new ones. Legislators, please take note.”

Joe says, “No bad children, only bad teachers.”


Written by Joe Blow

April 11, 2008 at 9:55 pm

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